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10 Ways Men Waste their Lives

I wrote this originally for men in their 20s, but these points can be applied to most any age of man.

While your 20s are your primetime for your life, growth does not end once you enter your 30s. That, your 20s can be a mans foundation for the rest of his life, or you can waste them and be playing catch up in your 30s, wishing you had started sooner.

Do not waste your 20s. Your health, wealth, relationships, and business(s) you create in your 20s can put you ahead of 99% of people if you use these years well.

If you want to know how to waste your 20s, do the following

1. Follow conventional rules that other people tell you you’re “supposed” to follow, and never question this

Go to college, get a bachelors in 6 or 7 years because having a degree means you must earn more over a lifetime, and any degree is better than no degree. Take out student loans if you cannot afford it, and maybe go to grad school if your major is one that ends up being mostly worthless if all you have is a bachelors in it. Believe everything the mainstream news says. Be a “male feminist”. Apologize for anything thats masculine, believe that masculinity is toxic. Listen to your parents that a job is security. Buy a house even if you can barely afford to. Buy a new car, even though its overvalued and a used one would work just fine. Follow trends, because if everyone is doing it, you should too. Think like a slave, because if everyone thinks the same thoughts, that means the thoughts are right.

Question nothing.

2. Deal in drama, and keep shitty friends/family in your life because you feel obligated to

Feed energy to them, because that’s what good friends do. Feel bad for people who are constantly doing bad, because feeling sorry for people is a virtue. Be a victim of something, because then you can claim you are oppressed. Feel sorry for people who claim they are victims, apologize to them because they demand it.

Live by your emotions, and find other people who do the same. Cry, because “real men cry” according to enlightened male feminist men, and because “vulnerability” is powerful according to a Ted talk that you heard.

Be an emotional wreck weighed down by your own inertia. Make sure your friends are the same way.

Joke about how you dont have your life together. Tell yourself its okay that you are directionless.

3. Spend money on frivolous bullshit

Reward yourself with possessions, drinks, food, useless shit you use once. Upgrade your phone every chance you get, because why the hell not, the new one has 1 more megapixels than the last one.

Buy rims, buy shoes, buy designer shit if thats your thing. Make sure your outfit exceeds your monthly rent. Live ghetto rich, because status is relevance, or so you’ve been led to believe. Spend money on alcohol, on small batch whiskey, on small plates. Joke about how broke you are, but buy another otterbox for the 3rd phone you’ve dropped and cracked and the screen. Buy clothes that are trendy, buy beard oil for the dead pubic hair muskrat atrocity that is your face. Don’t track spending, barely get buy, bemoan how hard life is for millenials and how different the world is. Play by the same rules as everyone else, share your broke fucking misery together over Jenga and organic locally sourced appetizers at your favorite consciously farmed independently owned restaurant.

4. Avoid people who are successful, because they make you feel bad

Think like a loser, resent them for their success. Believe having money makes people evil, because of course it does. Be blind to the reality that the lack of money and wealth is the root of almost all crime. Have loser friends just like yourself. Laugh at how none of you have anything to show for your lives.

Assume people that are doing better who are your age, they got lucky. They got breaks. they came from money, that had it easier, they got opportunities you didnt.

Believe every excuse you can create as to why your life is shitty.

Get high too, don;t forget that one. Get really fucking high. Spend times with other people who get high. Swear that this helps you relax from your stress. Don’t recognize the irony to any of this

5. Be in a relationship with a toxic woman

Be a good little slave to a woman that demands love money & time 24/7 Be stressed out constantly, be submissive, give her everything she wants, date her because she’s crazy, lose weeks and months of your time to bullshit. Be desperate and think you’ll never meet another girl. Settle for a harpy that has no respect for you, but then you’re not really worth respecting. Be hurt and surprised when she cheats on you with an “asshole”. Your fault.

6. Chase women and spend money going out constantly, don’t learn day game, or any game, just spend spend spend.

Be a hotshot, be the show off, pay for all the drinks, for your buddies drinks, pay for dinners, pay for chicks drinks, cover the bill constantly.

Think you’re hotshot because you can afford it. Get taken for a ride constantly regardless

7. Let your health disintegrate. Don’t work out, don’t lift, get fat, eat like shit, make sure your friends do the same

Bemoan you are getting older when you turn 31. Be pathetic in doing so. Take years off your life because you ate and drank yourself into ill health. Complain later on how hard it is to change.

Don’t go to the gym.

Drink another beer. Eat chips and be complacent.

Make sure all your friends are just like you. Criticize people who take care of themselves, blast men who care about their appearance as shallow. Be a weak bitch whose hands are softer than a baby’s ass. Hate to sweat, never lift weights, be a disgrace to your ancestors. Assume being buff is because of genetics. Have a dad bod without even being a dad. Be ashamed to take your shirt off. Fuck with with the lights off and leave your T-shirt on.

8. Spend all your leisure time watching television and sports

Get horribly upset over “your team” losing and be pissed about for days. Spend hours every week entertaining yourself with shit that has zero bearing on your day to day existence. Spend hours on netflix and HBO. Go, waste time watching stupid fucking videos on youtube and facebook. Get high and do this with your loser friends on the weekends as well. Eat like shit to top it all off.

Lose years of your life you could have spent skill building to binge watching.

9. Validate your lack of success with still having plenty of time to make up for it, compare yourself to other losers

Tell yourself all these things that you are still figuring things out, read elite daily and believe in the bullshit of the “journey” and that life unfolds and some other hoo-raw bullshit. Set no plans, have no goals, have no vision, never bust ass, avoid being uncomfortable, tell yourself its fine because you have all the time in the world

Waste your fucking life every day, and in the rare moments you realize it, avoid the mirror that says you are the problem. Pretend you don’t know how to stop it

10. Wait

Wait to get lucky, wait for opportunity, wait for “success” to come, wait for “good things” to happen to you. Wait for things to just “work out”. Wait for chance to “come along” and grant you wishes and desires,

Tell people who bust ass and work hard that they work too hard and need to relax. Wait, and keep waiting. Don’t stand and create, sit and WAIT.

11. Have hurt fucking feelings over this list

And be good at one thing,

Wasting your own time.

I teach people every day how not to waste time. Become one of those people.

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