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20 Life Lessons for the Gentlemen in their 20s

1. There is no arbitrary age in your 20s in which you “figure it all out”.

The greater reality is that unless you actively and willfully take control of your life and environment, your 20s will be a long decade of you learning the hard way, the painful way, and having equal amounts fun and failure The learning does not cease at any point in time. You must learn to apply and build your WILL on the world at large

2. There is always someone better than you, taller, faster, smarter, and better looking than you.

You need to get the fuck over this For people that come from small towns and environments, or insulated upbringings, the realization that you are not special can be a mean one. If your ego is built upon exceptionality, you will be humbled, and harshly, if you cannot perform to that standard take solace and Action that outside of Height, practically every quality about yourself can be controlled and improved upon


Student loans weigh down your credit, as does anything you pay for with credit If you use credit to buy anything, pay it back immediately. Do not live beyond your means & be reckless Until you earn Big, dont spend big

4. Hard work by itself is not sufficient for getting what you want If you want to stand out, you need to be exceptional, not just competent

Work smarter AND Harder than everyone else Intelligence + a work ethic is the winning combination, theyre not mutually exclusive

5. Money is your scorecard. If this upsets, you are a fucking loser

Money is status, money is security, money is opportunity, money is power Life costs money, and the more you have, the more advantageous your position

6. No one is going to save you, and everything is your fault

Either be empowered by this or ruined by it. Total responsibility will be either the best or worst thing to ever happen to you depending on your attitude

7. Habits create you or destroy you

Laziness is a habit, So is action. Anxiety is a habit ,So is movement. When you view life as a series of actions, the way forward becomes clear and even formulaic Whatever you do is what you will become

8. You dont need to ask other people for answers, there are there in you, if you would only ask yourself

Other people can give you expectations and observations, but they are not living your life, YOU ARE. Cease asking for permission. Embrace Your agency over your Own Life

9. Holding grudges and fighting with people makes life bitter

Learn to let go and move on and leave it behind. The number of people who will pass in and out of your life is more than you’ll ever imagine Getting stuck on petty bullshit grounds your development in place

10. You will make stupid decisions thinking with your dick and because your brain decided to lust really really hard

Don’t be stupid more than you need to be, and learn not to be stupid A man that cannot control his lust is a man who cannot control his energy or focus

11. No one owes you shit, and your entitlement is unbecoming

Also useless. Either you earn it or you don’t deserve it. People that get things they don’t deserve are role models on how not to live, not on what to do.

12. Always strive to have clarity in your relationships

Friendship, romance, business Set standards and dont let ambiguity persist. You’ll see with time that people with messy relationships always have fucked up lives This is entirely avoidable

12. Dont waste too much time trying to decide what you want

Perfect decision making paralyzes a lot of people Constant action leads to better decision making than chronically analysis If two paths seem equal, flip a coin, then MOVE Decisiveness creates momentum this way

13. Unless you are a genius and keystone cog in a machine, you are replaceable at most jobs you do

Either be exceptional or be easily fired. Or create your own business If you want to be self made, you must be self paid

Dont listen to the BS that everyone cant work for themselves Its slave mindset Working for yourself is the Way of Men since the dawn of time, Lead your own life. Being dependent on your own actions and effort is fulfilling in a way that serving someone else never can be

14. You will rise and fall in accordance with your relationships

Want to rise? Create a circle of ambitious friends Want to stagnate and fall? Befriend lazy people Energy is contagious amongst people, and this principle will either serve you or hurt

15. You do not have forever to do the things you want to do

You do NOT have all the time in the world. This attitude will fuck you over with every passing year you cling to it By the end of your 20s, you’ll see the difference between those who lived with urgency vs who was lazy

16. Physical fitness is the foundation for mental fitness

They are not separate. Stronger people have more energy, weak people do not. If you lack fitness, you’ll lack energy Being strong fit & handsome is always an asset, never a hindrance The world loves handsome men

17. Women are not a distraction

The distraction is in how you allow women to take control over your time, energy, and focus, and this is your fault for allowing this to happen Maintain agency, have firm boundaries, and you have nothing to worry about

18. Expecting the world to “care” about you is misguided

Everyone has their own life to worry about, and people must put themselves first If you want the consideration and care of others, earn by way of deed and action Entitlement otherwise is delusion

19. The higher you rise, the more people will want to see you fall

Success creates its own enemies, and you wont understand it till you have risen high enough The world loves accomplished men, but it also loves to see them fall Be Hard to Kill, literally & metaphorically

20. Obsession and being a psycho is a reliable path to success

There is no more reliable path to ascending than this Everything else is deficient in comparison

21. Dont be afraid to love

Its good to love, regardless of how long it last love is not a finite thing, even when its lost, its infinite Life will be better for you when you realize this and love without fear

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