3 Ways The Intermittent Fasting Diet Gets You Leaner (And Keeps You There)

A Guest post by ForeverAlpha blog Intermittent Fasting is the main area I talk about, as it’s what transformed me from being overweight to being 10% body fat year-round. It works incredibly well, especially when you do it properly. But over the past couple of years I’ve received thousands of comments and DM’s on Twitter, […]

Why You DONT need a Big Chest to be Athletic and Powerful

A few days ago, I was sharing pictures of old time strongmen on twitter, and some followers made a sharp observation The men had very developed developed shoulders, yoke, core, and legs, but notably absent pec development. Yet they had very proportionate physiques that inherently LOOK strong. In fact, none of them had big pecs […]

Fatigue is a Liar

As a guy who’s struggled to be consistent in the gym throughout his 20s, one of the big problems I (and I believe many others) face is overdoing it in the gym when you’re trying to “finally get in really good shape.” It’s easy to get super inspired by reading fitness experts online once you […]

AJACs Recommended Supplements

Supplements is an umbrella term, it could be protein powder, fat burners, stimulants, nootropics, appetite suppressants, multivitamins, minerals, herbs, fish oil, joint support, sleep aids, and much more.  Whether you need to take ANY of these things is dependent entirely upon yourself. I always make the point, there is no mandatory supplement that you MUST […]

Turning 31

chadistan supreme ruler

(This was originally shared in my newsletter. Subscribe to get exclusive content like this.) Today is my Birthday, April 4th. I am 31. I did not anticipate having a birthday like this, but such is life. I am appreciative of the strange and changing times in which I live in. Last year on my birthday, […]

7 Most Common Mistakes with Bodyweight Training

Right now, everyone is doing bodyweight training. This is excellent, as bodyweight movements are the best exercises you can do for your athleticism. But there is a caveat to this: Bodyweight movements are the EASIEST exercises to overtrain. These are the common bodyweight training mistakes that happen when people commit to bodyweight training. 1. Doing […]

Hoplite Bodyweight Workout (Train from Home)

Bodyweight Hoplite Imagine you are, for the first time in your life, being depended upon for your mental and physical strength, and you must be a pillar of support for those around you.  You also are in a position where you have ONLY your body to train with, and are very limited in any equipment […]

High Frequency Training For Bigger Arms

Train Your Biceps and Triceps EVERY DAY FOR 28 DAYS 100 biceps curls daily  100 tricep pushdowns daily  If your arms start to get beat up, cut the reps down to 50, but do NOT take any days off. Get at least high rep set in for biceps and triceps every day the rest of […]

10 Testosterone Facts that Men Need to Know

Testosterone levels are something that all men should understand. Testosterone is after all what makes men…MEN. If you don’t understand how testosterone works and how it effects your health, you are at the mercy of the modern environment, and all the ways it can bring you down. Im not going to make this into a […]

The Tao of Bro

The Tao of Bro What does it mean to be a Bro? I was contemplating this question seriously this morning as I found myself watching some Rich Piana videos. If you don’t know who Rich is…look him up. It was an existential moment for me. I realized that I am, and always will be…a BRO. […]