10 Testosterone Facts that Men Need to Know

Testosterone levels are something that all men should understand. Testosterone is after all what makes men…MEN. If you don’t understand how testosterone works and how it effects your health, you are at the mercy of the modern environment, and all the ways it can bring you down. Im not going to make this into a […]

The Tao of Bro

The Tao of Bro What does it mean to be a Bro? I was contemplating this question seriously this morning as I found myself watching some Rich Piana videos. If you don’t know who Rich is…look him up. It was an existential moment for me. I realized that I am, and always will be…a BRO. […]

Fatherless Women

“My father had a few good qualities and many horrible ones. He was a master in masking his bad qualities. But I Iearned from my grandfather, who was as best as they come. Which is why my grandpa’s death affected me more than my father’s abandonment” Something that is vastly overlooked in modern society, and […]

Do You Really Need to Back Squat?

Happy New Years everybody! We have find ourselves on the cusp of a new decade, and I have a very sense that whatever comes next, it will be unprecedented. The world from 2010-2019 has shifted so dramatically and irreversibly, that the only certain prediction that can be made is that the future will NOT be […]