Fatigue is a Liar

As a guy who’s struggled to be consistent in the gym throughout his 20s, one of the big problems I (and I believe many others) face is overdoing it in the gym when you’re trying to “finally get in really good shape.” It’s easy to get super inspired by reading fitness experts online once you […]

AJACs Recommended Supplements

Supplements is an umbrella term, it could be protein powder, fat burners, stimulants, nootropics, appetite suppressants, multivitamins, minerals, herbs, fish oil, joint support, sleep aids, and much more.  Whether you need to take ANY of these things is dependent entirely upon yourself. I always make the point, there is no mandatory supplement that you MUST […]

Turning 31

chadistan supreme ruler

(This was originally shared in my newsletter. Subscribe to get exclusive content like this.) Today is my Birthday, April 4th. I am 31. I did not anticipate having a birthday like this, but such is life. I am appreciative of the strange and changing times in which I live in. Last year on my birthday, […]

7 Most Common Mistakes with Bodyweight Training

Right now, everyone is doing bodyweight training. This is excellent, as bodyweight movements are the best exercises you can do for your athleticism. But there is a caveat to this: Bodyweight movements are the EASIEST exercises to overtrain. These are the common bodyweight training mistakes that happen when people commit to bodyweight training. 1. Doing […]