What to Do About HAIR LOSS

For the past few years I have been asked on a weekly basis what can be done about hair loss. For some statistical evidence, ala the American Hair Loss Association. 66% of men notice some degree of hair thinning by age 35, and this number goes up to 85% by the age of 50 40% […]

How To Achieve LEAN GAINS

man in black tank top holding black smartphone

To start with: Lean gains is defined as the holy grail experience of being able to gain muscle mass AND lose bodyfat, at the same time This effect CAN be created, but it requires the right conditions. It will not happen randomly.  So how to create this for yourself?  1. The more of a novice […]

CBD. Too Good To Be True?

One of the principles I promote is experimentation. You should always be experimenting with your health and optimizing by using your own feedback. Anyone that knows me well knows that I experiment with products constantly. Back March of 2018, my friend Alon started a CBD oil company, and he sent me some bottles to try. […]

AJAC’s Crypto Guide for Bros

I have a new product people. The Cryptocurrency Guide for BROS! Like many of you reading this, I am not a programmer.  I am not a blockchain expert.  I am a BRO, a personal trainer, and my experience in crypto has been that of an “average joe” trying to learn about something that is still NOT […]

The Diet for Lean Muscle and Old-School Fatloss

When you get the AJAC Diet, you get 3 books. The main book, details of which was covered in yesterday’s email (you can read it here), The AJAC guide to Lean Mass Gain The AJAC Old School Fatloss Plan I’ll tell you what’s covered in the last 2 books here. The AJAC guide to Lean Mass Gain: […]

A Man Can Always Reinvent Himself

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My father has been a handyman, substitute teacher, correctional youth counselor, prison guard, vocational rehab, and then Doctor.  He’s continuously reinvented himself over and over. I silently internalized the lesson that a Man ALWAYS can reinvent himself, evolve. And there is no age where this stops. Don’t like where you are in life, change it, […]

Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey is an archetypal story pattern, and you see in ancient stories and modern ones. It is not a “new” idea that someone thought up, rather, its representative that people ALWAYS think in narrative form. It looks like this. (credit to Reg Harris for the image)  Joseph Campbell was the one to fully […]

Top 15 Bodyweight Exercises

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Here they are. 1) Chin / Pull Up Back, arms, biceps, being lean. Being able to do these is requisite to being athletic. The best grip is actually a parallel grip, its the most joint friendly. Do them on rings if possible. 2) Pushup Chest, shoulders, triceps. Man has been building his upperbody with these […]

Best Exercises For Every Muscle Group

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Here they are. Chest Flat DB Press Weighted Dips Low incline DB press Incline DB Press Incline Smith press  hammer strength press  Incline Bench press Barbell bench Press Back Width Chinups Pullups Neutral Grip chinups When you can EASILY do 15 rep sets of all three of the above, THEN you can start adding weight. […]

7 Things You Need To Know About BULK and CUT

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Bulking and Cutting have been around a long time, and its constantly confusing to people when and how they long they should each of them I’m going to clear up the muscle growth myths. 1 – Bulking and Cutting comes from the bodybuilding world  Bodybuilders train to maximize muscle mass, and the longer you train […]