Top 10 Exercises For ATHLETICISM

woman in black tank top and black shorts doing yoga during daytime

Athleticism is being highly competent and coordinated at performing the foundational movement elements. Basically, you are really efficient at moving quickly and fluidly, squatting, pulling, pressing, sprinting, lateral directional changes, force/power production and rotation. Getting good at everything on this list won’t make you “elite”, but you’d certainly have a respectable baseline of athleticism that […]

10 Facts On Training Calves

Calf muscles are often overlooked in training, but they are essential to athletic movement. Historically in anthropology, weak & skinny calves = weak body. They also pump blood back to heart, which means weak calves = weak peripheral blood flow. 1. The calves are comprised of multiple muscles The calf muscles point, flex, and stabilize […]

Top 10 Tips For Building And Strengthening The Glutes

Let’s talk about ASS baby The glutes are the powerhouse muscles of the body. Strong glutes equals Faster, Stronger, More Powerful Individual. Everyone – Men and Women – needs to train them. Here is how… 1 – The glutes are 3 muscles that you need to train Glute minimus Glute Medius Glute Maximus Your glutes […]

“My Legs Are Too Skinny. How To Make Them Bigger?”

Here are 5 strategies you can use to get rid of skinny legs. Do the work and see the results. 1. High Reps Low reps are lousy for leg growth. If you did nothing else but change your working reps to the 10-20 rep range, your legs would grow immensely 2. Focusing Too Much On […]

The Man That Changed My Life (A Reflection on Luck)

I think you can fucking write, so prove it… ~Bob~ I have been reading Rory Sutherland’s “Alchemy”. I am not fond of writing book reports (read the book), but there is a point I wanted to share. Rory discusses the role of LUCK, and how it is undervalued in modern society. The Ancient Greeks called […]

Best Book On Doing Online Business

I have a Book recommendation for you. It’s “Launch” by Jeff Walker. Get it here. I read this in 2016, and I combined with everything I got from Ben Settle. This is the ONLY book on “online business” I’ve read (this post was written in 2018). And there is one major strategy/concept it taught me […]


Incline benching has greater athletic strength transfer & develops a more aesthetic upper body. Unless you compete in powerlifting, there’s no compelling reason to flat bench press Incline is more joint friendly, less likely to lead to pecs tears The man that popularized the flat bench press, Bill Starr, he thought the INCLINE BENCH was […]

Health Is Not What You Think It Is

I grew up in a “healthy” family, an almost ideally healthy one at that. Both of my parents are avid gym-goers. They took up the habit in their teens, and have never stopped in 4 or 5 decades. They’ve never not been active, they’ve never been overweight, or struggled with their weight at all. They […]

Don’t Cringe To Sell

If you are a “Creator”, you need to realize that you THINK very very differently from a Consumer. When you are writing/selling/presenting, you need to get out of your mind, and speak the language of theirs. This has been my own biggest struggle The resources, books, courses that helped me the most, I still got […]

Top 10 Old School Bodybuilding Tactic For Weight Gain

Here’s the list. 1. High Rep Squatting High reps, especially in the 10-20 rep range, this is phenomenally effective for muscle growth. The “20 rep” barbell squat workout and others like it is tried and proven to work excellent for mass 2. Eating 5-6 Times A Day Small meals that digest quickly. Many people will […]