Great Men From History Series – TEDDY ROOSEVELT – The Strenuous Life

The man in this photo is Teddy Roosevelt, during the time he worked as a cowboy on the American Frontier in the late 1800s. Teddy Roosevelt today is revered as Masculine symbol MAN, But he was not always so robust. As a child growing up, he was sickly, and had asthma. He was often in […]

A Leader Of Men?

I never planned on being a role model. I never wanted to be someone that other people “looked up to” and relied on for guidance. Truthfully, all I wanted years ago was one thing: to dance, and be left alone, and have no concerns but training and performing. That dream went to dust eventually. A […]

The Power Of Compound Action

10 years ago I became a personal trainer. I have studied and practiced every day since then to improve my craft. 7 years ago (2013) I started writing. I didn’t get paid until year 2. I didn’t make more than $10k a year from writing until year 5 (2017). And that was because I went […]

Does This Invention End Low Back Pain Forever?

woman lifting barbel

For long time readers, you may recall the past few years when I had spinal injuries (in 2018 and 2020), and had hernia surgery (2018 as well). For those that don’t know: I’ve had “low back problems” for a very very long time, going back to freshman year of high school, when I badly strained […]

Great Men From History Series – JACK DEMPSEY

I’m going to start highlighting great men throughout history, and how they trained. Let’s start with JACK DEMPSEY Heavyweight champion from 1919-1926. He was 6’1, 187lbs. Record of 54-6-9, with 44 KOs. Was an exceptional boxer and known for his brutal power in both hands Dempsey grew up in a poor Irish family, and left […]

10 Sales Lessons From 10 Years Of Selling

To preface, I’ve been a personal trainer since I was 20. I turned 30 in 2019. That’s 10 years of “sales experience”. Lets begin 1 – Sales is not about Sales, it’s about Psychology You are influencing someone’s thinking, which means you need an understanding of how people think. They best salesman are persuasive because […]

Some Thoughts On Writing

gray and black fountain pen and book

Simple writing tip: Stop trying to make your writing simpler Use run on sentence, use big words, use phrases, metaphors, luxuriate how you express yourself, develop your own style, make art with words & enjoy doing so Don’t listen to shitty writers that write for dumb audiences I absolutely despise this “write for a 1st […]

How to Maximize Twitter Growth

blue and red logo guessing game

Have a Clear Reason for being on this platform I see many brands and individuals mess this up because they have an odd Expectation that simply by having an account, somehow they are marketing themselves. Twitter is a 24-7 platform and every user is looking for what would interest them. If your intention is to […]

Serious Plan For People At Rock Bottom

photo of bulb artwork

If you’re at Rock Bottom, you’ve only got two choices, Wait here and die, or keep moving and climb up out. If it’s going to be the latter, you need to have a plan, a serious plan. Write this down. 1. Visualize WHERE you are trying to climb to You can only go forward, you […]

The First Time I Made Money Online

It was $60. February 2016. That was how much I earned. Small amount, but it changed my whole life. When I was on facebook, I had a lot of personal trainers that followed me. I got asked for book recommendations quite often. Somehow, I had learned what amazon affiliate links were. And I had an […]