By most estimations, people would consider me a disciplined person. I train every week, as I’ve done for 15 years. My diet is healthy. I write every day, in thousands of words. My business is worked on daily. True days-off are extremely rare. 
I am disciplined, am I not? Sure I am. But I don’t […]

How Do You Create Momentum?

1st Axiom: Action over everything else Don’t let anything impede your ability to act. And don’t waste time on anything that isn’t conducive to action and creation. 2nd Axiom: Energy. To create energy, you must become energy Move when you don’t feel like, write when you don’t feel like, go lift when you don’t feel […]

Use Writing To Mentally Program Yourself

Writing is mental programming. Whether you are “goal oriented” or not, writing down your plans and intentions requires you to consider and define your thinking. You cannot lie to yourself when you physically write. And when I say write, I mean WRITE, with pen and paper. Typing is not the same. Nothing is so powerful, […]

Becoming A Writer

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If you want to start writing, then WRITE. You don’t need anyone’s permission or approval whether its tweets, blog, facebook posts, IG caption Doesn’t matter, just go for it. You’ll only get better through continuous practice. And if you have hopes of having an audience, commit to writing being a long game. That could be […]

AJAC’s Lessons in Working for Yourself

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It’s year 5 since I left the rat race & set out to build my life as I see fit. These are raw & not in any order, May they be helpful. 1) A Business model is a model, it’s not a Plan. Good Planning cant compensate for a Bad Model, & Vice Versa This […]

The Protocol For Rehabilitating A Bad Shoulder

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(This was originally shared in my newsletter. Subscribe to get exclusive content like this.) Whats up everyone,​I got this fantastic question from a reader that I wanted to answer. I’ve been wanting to dive deeper into the practical science and strategies of tendons and ligaments and their rehab, and this inquiry was perfect to do […]

The 5 Most Basic Pieces Of Training Advice For Anyone In Their 20s

1. Spend your first 5 years of training powerbuilding This means prioritizing building muscle, and building strength, at the SAME TIME. Lift to either do more reps, or do more weight When you cannot do more weight, do more reps until you can. Repeat this over and over. Learn how to get stronger, learn technique, […]

20 Life Lessons for the Gentlemen in their 20s

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1. There is no arbitrary age in your 20s in which you “figure it all out”. The greater reality is that unless you actively and willfully take control of your life and environment, your 20s will be a long decade of you learning the hard way, the painful way, and having equal amounts fun and […]

Six Essential Skills Of Your Twenties

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1. Sales Job interviews Pitch meetings Negotiating Convincing All of life is a “sell” in some way. The ability to be persuasive and tell a story sets you apart from those that cannot and grants immense advantage in your earning power 2. Critical Thinking How to learn How to think logically How to think psycho-logically […]

10 Ways Men Waste their Lives

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I wrote this originally for men in their 20s, but these points can be applied to most any age of man. While your 20s are your primetime for your life, growth does not end once you enter your 30s. That, your 20s can be a mans foundation for the rest of his life, or you […]