Phantom Pain

This is a common phenomenon for people who are new to exercising, and its not often talked about. People will experience specific pain in a muscle or joint, but they are not injured, the pain is usually mild, & it often goes away with time. Why does this happen? Here is a big idea to […]

Solutions for Shoulder Pain

Another compilation of strategies & tactics I’ve learned past 12 years FYI, this isn’t medical advice (although some of it could be), I cannot diagnose your specific issue over twitter That said, some of these will definitely help you…  1. Facepulls I learned back in 2011 when I got TRX certified The exercise is restorative, […]

Solutions for Knee Pain

This a compilation of strategies and tactics I’ve learned over the years These are not “workouts”, rather they are protocols to try. Credit is given where credit is due. That aside, the Number One strategy for Knee pain & issues of any kind is…  1. Backwards Walking (ideally with resistance) Credit goes to Ben Patrick […]

Quick Fix For Joint Pain

Take Hydrolyzed collagen, 10-20 grams daily.  You can find this at any supplement store now, or online, its packaged as collagen peptides. Improves skin health, tendon and connective tissue recovery. Its flavorless, can be mixed into any liquid. Best time to take is right after exercising, other take it at night before bed. Research is […]

Supplements for Pain, Inflammation and Joint Health

To preface; it is not my recommendation that supplements are mandatory to be healthy. Everyone recommended here is for contextually specific usage, and has supporting scientific for its effectiveness Read on…  1. Fish Oil, Omega 3 fatty acids Fish oil reduces, triglyceride levels, can reduce inflammation and most notably, is as effective as pharmaceutical drugs […]