Exercise Index – Chinups vs Pullups

It’s a common fitness belief that wide-grip pullups work more lats, but biomechanically that’s not true. It’s chin-ups that are Lat dominant. The supinated or neutral grip position with humerus going into overhead flexion in front of the body, the latissimus is the primary mover. The recruitment of the upper back musculature is much lesser […]

Exercise Index – Horizontal Back Extension

Before the 45° hyperextension became so popular, this was the premiere exercise to strengthen the spina erectors, unfortunately horizontal back extension machines are very uncommon today, but if you have one I suggest utilizing it. It’s a simple exercise that can be regressed or progressed readily. Once you’ve gotten strong with Bodyweight, add weight at […]

Exercise Index – Cable Rope Facepulls

It is extremely popular to use a short rope to do this motion, but I hate the short rope. It Inhibits fully contracting the upper back muscles, It forces internal rotation, and it often leads to people doing the movement with terrible posture and making their kyphosis worse while emphasizing the upper traps way too […]

Exercise Index – Jefferson Curl

Jefferson Curl is a unique old schoold Deadlift move specifically done for spinal strengthening. Recently, Ben Patrick of ATG group revitalized it. It’s a fantastic movement for building bodily integrity. The core point of the exercise is, you’re NOT going to keep your spine flat. Instead, you’re going to round your spine as you descend […]

Upper Trap Dominance While Doing Rows And Lateral Raises?

Having upper traps that “take over” on an exercise is a common experience, and one I’ve encountered many times in my training career. 9 times out 10, when I assess their technique on exercises, they do their exercises like this: immediate trap contraction and shoulder elevation. I’m exaggerating for demonstration sake, but this “trap dominance” […]

Exercise Index – Hatfield Back Extension For Rehabilitating An Injured Low Back

This exercise was create by Dr Fred Hatfield. It’s primarily a rehab movement, training spinal flexion and extension and strengthen the spinal erectors running all the way down to the lumbar. This exercise is done for reps, not weight. Its intended to prepare your spine for more intense movements. I’ve found it useful for restoring […]

How To Avoid Bicep Tendinitis While Doing One-Arm Rows

This exercise is very popular, and it’s done wrong nearly all of the time. Pulling the weight with your hand and trying to pull it to the shoulder is the incorrect form. As is the ballistic movement of jerking the weight. Lifting this way inevitably leads to some kind as of inflammation/joint aggravation. It’s a […]

Principles Of Positive Failure

1. Total control over the weight There can be no dive bombing, momentum, compensation, jerking, nothing. The target muscles are lifting the weight, and nothing else. This means your reps must be QUALITY This requires… 2. 100% Focus Most people lift like garbage. They’re looking around, they’re not applying 100% effort, they’re waiting to get […]

Training To Failure Is Not Mandatory

I am preferential to training to positive failure, but I am also professionally honest and will readily acknowledge that it is not mandatory or necessary to train this way for strength and muscle gains. Training to failure does tend to make people more strong, and it is best suited for a lower volume approach, your […]