Flexibility and Mobility

Flexibility is the ability of a muscle to lengthen, and the ability of a joint to be taken through its full range of motion (or beyond). Mobility is your overall ability to move. Flexibility and mobility are confusing subjects, but the scientific reality of improving them is incredibly basic. To improve muscle length and joint […]

Exercise Index – Micro Dropsets For Mass (Effective Hypertrophy)

Paul Carter posted about these recently, and I remember his original article from 6-7 years ago. Micro Dropsets are a combination basically of Dropsets with Rest-Pause Training. Traditional drop sets don’t have any advantage over straight sets for hypertrophy. The way they are usually performed, you do a set day of 10 reps, strip off […]

Exercise Index – Heavy Isometrics for Tendon Healing

Tendons NEED heavy loading to heal and repair. Strong knee tendons come from heavy and explosive training. If you suspect you have patellar tendinitis and your knees can’t handle flexion and bending, try this isometric protocol I learned from jaketuura, and check out his Knee Rehab Protocol. 4 sets of 30 seconds Start with Bodyweight, […]

Exercise Index – Isometrics for Elbow Tendon Stregth and Tendinitis Rehab

Isometrics allow applying of maximum mechanical tension to a tendon with no change in muscle length (relatively speaking). Because of this, isometrics can be effective for rehabbing tendons and muscles (by applying mechanical tension), and they work around the pain response that is often experienced from a full range of motion dynamic exercises. After reading @jaketuura’s […]

Exercise Index – Overhead Cable Raise for Posture and Lower Traps Health

I like the overhead plate raise, but it does not always work well if you have cast iron plates. 25lbs can be too narrow, while the 45 is unwieldy and too heavy. An alternative exercise that is arguably superior is the motion done with a cable, an overhead cable raise. This allows for more precise […]

Exercise Index – Bent Over Rear Delt Raise

Vince Gironda was the first bodybuilding coach that realized the posterior deltoids could be directly targeted, he had a variety of rows that would specifically work this section of muscle and noted that muscle did respond to targeted movements. Years later it would be John Meadows (RIP) who would popularize rear delt training in the […]

Exercise Index – Horse Stance for Hip Mobility

The “horse stance” is common in Asian martial arts and has many different names, but the principle is the same: it’s an isometric position used to develop lower body flexibility, strength, and endurance. To note, I’m fully aware that the feet are suggested to be forward facing when doing this exercise, but my hip structure […]

Exercise Index – Hindu Squats For Knee Health

I love Hindu squats, and I do them every week. They have been practiced in India by wrestlers for thousands of years, they develop your quads, your feet, and ankles. They strengthen your knees, they build phenomenal strength endurance, and cardiovascular conditioning as well. They are typically paired with Hindu push-ups, for every one push-up […]

Exercise Index – Dead Hangs, For Posture and Spinal Health

Dead Hangs as discovered by Dr. John Kirsch are immensely effective for shoulder rehabilitation because they strengthen the acromiohumeral joint through elongation and progressive reshaping of the acromion process. This creates more subacromial space for the tendon. Contrary to conventional belief, the dead hang relieves impingement over time. Said simply, they decompress the shoulder joint. […]