Sales And Conventional Wisdom

Year 1 of my training career: The most successful trainer at the gym was Louis, older gentlemen in his 60s. All of his clients were wealthy retirees. Everyone bought 20-30 sessions at a time. Full schedule daily He was master salesman, because he didn’t sell…  He had cultivated a reputation that preceded him Any potential […]

How I Made $1 MILLION Through Twitter, An Email List and Ebooks

I’ve broken the whole process down into 12 principles and points Feel free to ask questions at any time Since someone will call BS, here is proof of work, lifetime sales on @gumroad… 1. The Digital Economy is the richest, most open economy in existence Lets go back to 2011, I was a personal trainer […]

Rest Periods For Strength And Muscle Gain

This is in fact quite simple: Longest rest periods (3-5 minutes) are superior for strength and muscle gains This has been well researched, with multiple studies (legit studies) coming to the same conclusion  Speaking from a historical perspective, long rest periods have been used by powerlifters, strongmen, bodybuilders and olympic lifters The first well known […]

Styles Of Resistance Training

There are THREE general ways to resistance train. All can be effective, all of them deliver results, the “best” way is contextual They all use the same exercises more less, but in different ways I encourage trying ALL of them…  1. High Intensity, Low Volume This is training to failure, or beyond failure. One or […]

The Weaker Your Grip, The Sooner You Die?

One interesting are of research is on grip strength as a predictor of all cause mortality The weaker someones grip as they age, the more likely that they -Will have cardiovascular disease-be obese-Sarcopenia-have Cancer-Die The amount of research on this is not small, its goes as far back as the 1970s Why does grip matter […]

On Rehab And Physical Therapy

Getting injured sucks, but most orthopaedic injuries, you can make a full recovery from. Unfortunately, most people DONT get told this, they assume they’ll be damaged for life Here are some points to consider to make a full recovery… Taking “time off” does NOT make it an injury heal fasterOne of the biggest fallacies in […]

Working Out And Meal Timing

I’ll make this really simple Eat 1-2 hours before working out. Protein and carbohydrates. The bigger the meal, the longer it takes to digest After working out: eating sooner is generally better than later. You’ll recover faster. That said, if you had a preworkout meal, you can wait an hour or 2 If you train […]

How much energy does a Fat person have?

Every pound of fat stored on the body contains about 3500 calories approximately Considering the basal metabolic rate is about 1400 for women, and 1600 for men That means a pound of bodyfat yields around 2 days worth of calories If you are severely obese and 100lbs plus overweight, you have about 200 days of […]


If you seriously want to lose bodyfat, and do so with brutal consistency, you’re gonna have suck it and accept these facts 1. Dieting for Fat loss is BORING I had a customer once that was furious over his purchase of Accelerated fat loss… “chicken & protein shakes! No variety! I follow this boring meal […]


For whatever reason, there are always people who want to disparage the calorie model of nutrition Im going to explain why calories are REAL, and how to use them effectively for fat loss or weight gain  1. Food DOES contain objectively measurable amounts of energy Im gonna give a really fast and dirty organic chemistry […]