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Six Essential Skills Of Your Twenties

1. Sales

  • Job interviews
  • Pitch meetings
  • Negotiating
  • Convincing

All of life is a “sell” in some way. The ability to be persuasive and tell a story sets you apart from those that cannot and grants immense advantage in your earning power

2. Critical Thinking

  • How to learn
  • How to think logically
  • How to think psycho-logically
  • Emotional intelligence (which is emotional experience)

Thinking is an infinite skill, cognitive biases are many, as are mental models

Becoming a sharp thinker makes you a killer

Part of critical thinking is dependent on life experience, but conscientious practice is required as well. Solving increasingly complex problems, experiencing novel situations, reading challenging books You have to train your ability to think your whole life

3. Health + Fitness

Being healthy has obvious aesthetic benefits, but more importantly you have immense energy and increased physical resiliency

The advantages this gives you are multitudinous Fit, energetic, and hardworking is very hard to beat

4. Style + Body language

These two go together. The former was what I struggled with, and compensated for with the latter You must accept and embrace that how you DRESS and how you move 100% affect how people judge and perceive you. Optimizing these two areas is a massive gain

5. Money Management

I don’t mean get rich. I mean simple fiscal responsibility and planning ahead. Its hard to “think rich” when you’re perpetually struggling all the time Financial struggle is a major stressor. Making sure its not gives incomparable peace of mind

6. Friendships 

Two kinds of friendships:

  • Ascendant-people that are supportive and make each other better
  • Descendant-people that make each other worse and hold each other back relationships are destiny

Its the former that you want to learn to make and have

Do you think I missed anything?

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