A Leader Of Men?

I never planned on being a role model. I never wanted to be someone that other people “looked up to” and relied on for guidance.

Truthfully, all I wanted years ago was one thing: to dance, and be left alone, and have no concerns but training and performing. That dream went to dust eventually. A few years ago, I began writing on the changes I was seeing in society.

  • Men without fathers
  • Men without purpose
  • Men with anxiety and depression
  • Men who had no instinct to be strong
  • Men who shied away from risk and failure….
  • Men who were…conformists.

And modern life had gelded them of their fire, their edge, their energy. Their SOUL.

So it was slowly that in writing about these things, in pointing them out…men started to find me. ⁣ ⁣ Young men, and older men…

And I found myself changing into someone that other people looked up to.⁣ I’ve never considered myself a role model. I know far better men than me.

The best thing I’ve done, the only thing I’ve done, is I’ve always lived life MY WAY.

And that requires a certain resilience of character, strength, and fuck you attitude that’s almost gone extinct in the world.⁣

I am bringing that spirit back, the simplest and most direct way there is: training men to be STRONG.

Strength is basic, the foundation of everything a man is. Start with the physical body, and the mind will follow accordingly.⁣ ⁣ The body is proof of the mind’s ability to change itself.

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