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A Man Can Always Reinvent Himself

My father has been a handyman, substitute teacher, correctional youth counselor, prison guard, vocational rehab, and then Doctor. 

He’s continuously reinvented himself over and over. I silently internalized the lesson that a Man ALWAYS can reinvent himself, evolve.

And there is no age where this stops. Don’t like where you are in life, change it, do something, learn what is necessary. I’ve never heard him complain about the harshness of work required for anything, not EVER. He’d rather die than for one second say anything is “hard”.

It’s not how he operates. He has a fundamental belief that he can do anything and will do whatever is required. The work does not end, ever.

I have a real level of disgust towards complaining in men.

“It’s hard…”, “but that will take time…”, “I wish it was easier…”.


My father was never that way. Grandfather was never that way. I am not that way. 

You will or will not, you do what is needed or you do not. You have pity-party FEELINGS you want to entertain? Fuck your feelings.

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