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Try answering these

>> Do you know what micro and macronutrients are? Do you know the difference between them?
>> Do you know which macronutrient is the most important of all?
>> Can you read the nutrition info labels on foods you buy and truly understand what they mean?
>> Do you know what foods result in gaining weight and losing weight and how?
>> Do you know how to listen to your body’s response to a food you just ate?
>> Do you think Carbs/Fat are bad and is that based on some ‘science blog’ you read recently?
>> Do you know what causes headaches, dry skin, feeling light headed, having low energy, bad digestion, prone to binging, tight muscles and stiff joints?
>> Can you smell the BS when a new Diet is making rounds in the news and promises to be the panacea?
>> With respect to Diet and Nutrition, do you know what’s the Optimal Ideal to strive for?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of the questions above, then you must quickly educate yourself on these matters.

It will save yourself so much time, money, pain and frustration. And the best concise material on the subject is my book The AJAC Diet.

The AJAC Diet is the summation of 10+ years of working with clients and 15+ years of training.

This is not a “Get ripped quick” dietary model of any kind. My focus has always been guided by a 1st principle approach. I don’t want people to stress about their eating, and I also do NOT believe that diet should demand massive cognitive effort.

Human beings were normal body for thousands of years, right up until the mid 1950s. People are not the problem, our own biology is not the enemy.

We SHOULD be able to be healthy without much effort, yet we are not. Why?

It’s a way of eating that delivers optimal health based upon the needs of your own human biology, and adjusted for lifestyle.

The only reason I titled this the AJAC Diet was because calling it “Alexander’s Overall Philosophy Of Flexible Dietary Practices Based Upon Context And Self-Education” would have been impossible to fit onto a book cover, or catchy email title.

It’s an overall philosophy, not a specific set of instructions/meals that you eat at a particular time of the day or any such rules.

The book is 20 principles around diet and nutrition that you need to understand and apply. Here I’ll give an intro of most of these principles. Get the book for actual explanation.

Proper nutrition starts with appropriate education. If you don’t know what metabolism means, what macronutrients are, how to read labels in food products and how micronutrients help, then you’ll be easily conned by everything that sounds good.

People have this very incredible ability to ignore all of their biofeedback, and then be shocked when they realize they are eating to the detriment of their health. Don’t be that person. Listen to your body what it says about the food you ate.

Protein is the most important of the 3 macronutrient in terms of overall health. It is literally the building block of your entire body. Stop getting confused by it and overthinking it and start eating protein from the list of (simple) foods I provide.

What about Fat? Do you think it is just bad? If so you’ve been brainwashed by the incorrect mainstream health advice. Fat is absolutely critical for metabolism and overall health. Get your healthy fat from the simple list of foods I share in the book.

Same with Carbs. They are needed by your body. They are needed for muscle growth too and to become strong. You need the energy from the carbs to finish a grueling workout. If you simply follow the fad of no-carbs, then your body will only get that energy by breaking down existing muscle. So what’s a good source of carbs? It’s in the book.

And Sugar? They get a bad rep, but it’s totally deserved. Learn the multiple ways they can harm you.

Get to know the one question I ask when people complain of headaches, dry skin, feeling light headed, having low energy, bad digestion, prone to binging, tight muscles and stiff joints. And learn its importance.

With respect to Diet and Nutrition, what’s the Optimal Ideal to strive for? It is what’s called as Intuitive Eating. The book explains what it means and other related concepts called Autoregulation, Measuring and Managing.

When you have a base level of foundational fitness and metabolic health, you can try certain fun ways to cut fat real quick. It’s a short-term finite approach, but it’s fun and you have the ability to try it. Learn about them in the book.

Learn the importance of staying lean always.

Recognize when a Diet sound too good to be true.

If I have to give an answer, there’s one specific Diet that I can highly recommend and it works best for all around health. Learn about it in the book.

These are timeless knowledge. The Truth. Educate yourself once now and then benefit life long.

And here’s the thing: What I explained above is from only one of the 3 guides you’ll get after you purchase. The other 2 guides you’ll get are:

  • AJAC Guide to Lean Mass Gain
  • The AJAC Old School Fat Loss Plan

In the other versions, you’ll also get:

  • Accelerated Fat Loss Program (in the Fatloss Version)
  • AJAC Life Training Log (in the Cerebral Version)

So why are you waiting? Get AJAC Diet now. The knowledge in the book is Lindy.

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