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AJAC’s Lessons in Working for Yourself

It’s year 5 since I left the rat race & set out to build my life as I see fit. These are raw & not in any order, May they be helpful.

1) A Business model is a model, it’s not a Plan. Good Planning cant compensate for a Bad Model, & Vice Versa

This is a critical difference to understanding your business model is the core idea/structure that your business is based around. Your planning is how you actionably go about bringing that idea/structure into fruition and making it real.

Creating a model is generally not difficult, It’s the execution that tends to kill people The day in and day execution of action is discouraging, it takes time before you grow and develop momentum (and that’s assuming your idea is viable) Or, the person is obsessed with doing things “perfectly” & has false expectations.

2) Being good enough all the time is better than being excellent once

You decide you want to work for yourself, awesome. Now dispose of the idea that everything you do will be perfect and the learning curve of making your model work will be nice and easy.

Some people have excellent work ethic when provided structure. But when they need to make their own, they cannot operate because they both lack discipline & NEED approval somehow someway that they are doing the “right” thing. This mindset will fuck you forever, you’ll go nowhere.

I’ve made so many small fuckups in my business that I lost count and cannot remember them on a day to day basis. There’s no point. The overall Model works, and the overall daily actions make it work, and mistakes are rendered inconsequential Which is the next point.

3) On a day to day basis, there are only going to be 2-3 primary actions that NEED to be happening that drive growth

Figure out what those are, and hammer them daily and never stop 90% of your results are going to come from those 2 to 3.

The other 10% is luck & circumstance you cannot account for.

And I cannot stress this one enough its 2-3 daily priorities, not 5,10, 20 etc It does not matter WHAT the business is. A sound model runs on 2-3 major principles and accompanying actions.

4) Your Primary actions are what you want to be consistent in and excellent at

Everything else, it doesn’t matter so long as it WORKS. Don’t waste time on irrelevant details that’s inconsequential to growth and your bottom line.

5) The longer you take to make a decision, the more money you lose.

Hesitation costs you every minute. You fuck up, course correct. Your decision making ability improves the MORE decisions you make, not the less. Remember, good enough is enough. You’ll get better with time.

6) Don’t ask people for their opinions on what you are doing, unless they are in the same field doing the EXACT same thing, and are way ahead of you

If they dont fit the above criteria, fuck them, fuck their opinions, and make sure they know they can fuck off

7) All of the following are Contrived bullshit

  • Flavor of the month Business books
  • Morning routines Podcasts where people talk about “success”
  • Masterminds w/ other losers
  • Business/Success Coaches
  • Anything that mediocre people do because they think it’s what Billionaires do

8) Do EVERYTHING yourself for as long as possible

You want to know exactly what makes your model work and THEN Delegate only when you hit growth points when you are held back because there are only so many hours in a day and you wish there were two of you.

Ideally you delegate so you can focus on the core actions exclusively…and everything that is auxiliary to that is done by someone else. Getting to that point takes time however, before that you want the intimate knowledge of your business and what makes it run.

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