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AJAC's Transformation Coaching is led by AJAC and his team of certified personal trainers. Each coach on the team has undergone their own transformation journey.

Do you fit the profile of a Transformation Client?

No BS fat loss, muscle building, and real life transformations pillars:


We don’t have the luxury of a lot of time to dedicate to fitness, so it’s important to make the most of our time by performing exercises that are effective and efficient.


As a man who is constantly busy, traveling, and doing tons of meetings, it can be hard to eat healthy on a constant basis. But I’ll show you a fail-proof way to give your body the fuel it needs to perform at its best and reach your fitness goals.

Goal-Specific Workouts

Wonder why everybody seems to struggle to lose weight? This pillar is crucial because it allows us to track your progress. If you follow my guidelines you’ll burn fat and build muscle while you’re out of the gym. And you’ll love it.

Here's how we do it

Inner Programming

You’re crushing it in the boardroom.

But, let’s be real about the gains you’re not making in the gym.

Man, you hate admitting you’ve dropped the ball.

Or maybe…

You just threw in the towel because you’ve been through countless training routines, personal trainers, fitness programs.

Here’s the raw truth…

This ain’t on you.

That’s why we’re here to give you the playbook to stay in beast mode, even when your drive is running on empty.

Meal Planning

Have you ever wondered how some dudes out there keep shredding pounds without giving up on delicious food? 

It’s nothing crazy, to be honest.

These jacked dudes follow a killer eating regime that they dig. 

Simple as that. 

This meal plan helps them drop body fat like autopilot, without even needing to hit the irons at the gym, do some tedious pavement pounding, or brave through soul-crushing cardio.

Virtus Protocol

AJACs philosophy is simple “Do what WORKS”.

If you follow him on twitter, watch his IG videos, have done his programs, or read his newsletters, you are already familiar with his actionable, no nonsense approach.

Training is an art, and a science. 

Combine both into a process and plan, do the work, and results are guaranteed.

As AJAC often says, “the program works if you work.”

1:1 Accountability

AJAC Bro Coaching is an entirely custom, 1on1 coaching service that is offered to a limited number of individuals.

A serious routine can only be better if you got the eye of an experienced pro on you.

We’re talking daily and weekly 1:1 accountability, straight from your trainers, right through our private messaging app.

Optional Group Accountability

Be part of our elite brotherhood.

Get shredded with other iron addicts, and pick on the shortcuts they’re taking.

On top of that, you’ll forge some solid, rock-hard camaraderie that’ll help you fire up big-time opportunities for yourself.

Signing up to this exclusive program will help you maintain motivation and inspiration to mold yourself into an absolute titan.

About the AJAC's Program

Q: How do I get started?

After purchase, you will be sent a questionnaire to fill out, as well as AJAC’s contact info. You will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule an onboarding call, upon which your personalized plan will be made.

Q: How long does the coaching go for?

The coaching is done in 12 weeks.

Q: How does the coaching work?

After your video call with the AJAC’s team, you will be given a written plan for both training and diet. Training will be based on your personal goals and schedule, as will the diet plan. Adjustments will be made week to week as necessary during your weekly checkings. You may schedule up to FOUR 15 minute calls with your coach each month to ask any questions and check in.

Q: Do I need to be a member of a Gym to do the coaching?

Yes. We do not claim to get optimal results with two dumbbells and a resistance band. You must be a member of a gym or have a well-equipped home gym.

Q: Does the coaching include nutrition and diet?

Yes it does. The diet plan will be customized to yourself. Typically we prefer a very structured plan, as this delivers better results than loose guidelines.

Q: How much fat will I lose?

On a dedicated fat loss program, 1lb per week of loss can be expected. We do not claim to deliver insane fat loss results beyond what is physiologically possible.

Q: How much muscle will I gain?

On a dedicated muscle gain program, we will aim for 1lb of weight again per week. Exact muscle gain is genetically individual and we do not promise supraphysiological results or make such claims.

Q: Can you help me rehab an injury?

No. Our coaching is not physical therapy or rehabilitation. We suggest seeing the appropriate specialist for that.

Q: How often will I talk to my coach?

You will be able to contact your coach through Slack as often as you want. AJAC will there too. You will have unlimited support in this regard. You may schedule up to four, 15 minute calls a month with your coach.

Hey, I’m Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes.

I’ve been a personal trainer for 10 years, and I know what it’s like to be a beginner in the gym and simply NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO.

I’ve trained thousands of regular men and women from all walks of life.

I have built a Skill Stack over 10 Years that led to my personal freedom. Along with expertise in health and fitness topics, these skills include writing online, and running a business as a solo entrepreneur.

My training Programs make you leaner, stronger, and smarter.