Lu Raises For Shoulder Strength & Mobility

The Chinese Olympic Lifting Champion Lu Xiaojun popularized it. I’ve been asked about this exercise a lot. This is not a new exercise that he invented. It’s existed in training literature since the 1920s. Bill Pearl describes it in his Keys to the Inner Universe book. What’s it good for? You can do sets in […]

The Perfect Squat, With a 2×4 Wooden Plank?

Slant boards have become popular, and they are undeniably effective. If you want a cheap alternative that can help you, go to your local hardware store and get a 2 x 4 piece of wood. This will give you about 5° of hill elevation, but depending upon your body proportions, this can make a significant […]

Angels Of Death For Fighters With Upper Back Pain

My coach @hyenamuaythai asked me for an exercise for upper back pain, and this is one I recommended. Thoracic pain is common in combat sports. Striking requires a rounded-over posture by default, which can lead to muscular pain over time. Add in the physical stress of fighting and potential injury, and you have a setup […]

PSA – How NOT To Deadlift

Never deadlift this way. I don’t know why anyone does this, but it needs to stop.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by AJAC • Personal Trainer (@aja_cortes)

Static Stretching 101

Static stretching is popular, but people rarely do it correctly, for static stretching to work, you need to hold a stretch for 2 to 5 minutes, this allows the nervous system to relax, which allows muscle tissue to gradually lengthen as your nervous systems acclimates to the muscle being stretched. This takes at least two […]

Exercise Index – Dumbbell Shoulder Lateral Raises

This is a simple exercise that gets over-complicated, you do the movement in the scapular plane. That means the hands are somewhat in front of the shoulders, whether that is 10° or 12° or 17.958°, it does not matter. The movement should feel natural and comfortable, if all you feel are the traps, you’re probably […]

Exercise Index – Anterior Tibialis Raise, Best Exercise For Shin Splints

I learned this exercise from @kneesovertoesguy back in 2020. While I never had shin splints, I did find it effective in increasing overall ankle strength, and I still like to do it 1-2 times a week. For people who do have shin splints, or are are having a sprained ankle, this exercise is essential. The […]

Exercise Index – Bodyweight Calf Raises

I have made a few posts about calves, and it’s the same point over and over again, you do calf raises, that’s it. This bodyweight version done with one leg is probably the most effective version you can do, you know exactly how much weight you’re lifting, it’s a stable movement, it’s largely idiot proof […]

Cable Sissy Squat For Amazing Quads

The Cable Sissy Squat is similar to a Hindu squat, but with heel elevation and cable resistance added, the exercise emphasizes the quads because of the perpendicular angle achieved with the femur and tibia against the line resistance. You will notice that it somewhat resembles a hack squat. Unlike a machine hack squat though which […]