The Best Warmup Ever

Over the past decade I have seen warming up becoming increasingly complex, fitness professionals will have their clients perform a large variety of exercises, there’s an assumption that nothing can be done until the warming up process is complete, but in many cases the exercises performed are completely removed from the actual work out its […]

Finding Your Optimal Squat Position

To preface, I don’t personally use the back squat in my training. It’s my professional perspective that the WIDER a squat position is, the less relevant and transferrable it is to athletic performance. I don’t consider the back squat essential at all to my training. The only time I train this position is isometrically as […]

Exercise Index – Rotator Cuff Training

I see this thing done incorrectly constantly, and it is frustrating because rotator cuff exercises are some of the most studied exercises in all of the rehabilitation in exercise science. We know how to do them correctly. Rotator Cuff Exercises are small movements, why people think they’re supposed to do these explosively, I don’t know. […]

Exercise Index – TRX Pushups (bad) VS Rings Pushups (good)

Over a decade ago I became TRX certified, and I remember being taught the TRX push-up as part of the exercise repertoire, at the time the exercise felt awkward but I could not logically explain why. As I became more educated in biomechanics, I realized the problem, the anatomical function of pectoral muscle is to […]

Exercise Index – Weighted Hindu Squats

My training is heavily influenced by historic combat sports athletes, notably Pehlwani and Sumo wrestlers. These athletes are known for having very strong lower bodies, but they do little traditional lifting. Their resistance training is calisthenic. Sumo wrestlers will do squats holding relatively moderate weights (20-40lbs) Pehlwani wrestlers will do high rep squats, and also […]

The WORST Exercise Ever – Side Plank With Adduction

It’s not often I call exercises worthless, but in this case, I have no problem with it. This exercise makes ZERO SENSE. If you want to do a side plank, do a regular side plank. That engages the core muscles in the “anti lateral flexion” function as it’s called Adding in an straight leg or […]

Exercise Index – Romanian Deadlift Vs Stiff Legged Deadlift

These 2 exercises do not train the same muscles. Romanians work the glutes, Stiff legs work the hamstrings. Depending on which muscle you want to train, you do the respective exercise. Often times they can look similar depending on someone’s proportions, but the intent of each is very different. You can include both in a […]

Exercise Index – 3 Ways To Train The Rear Delts

You have a lot of options for training the rear deltoids, the exercises are all similar to one another, I have experimented with different movements for years in my programs, and I cannot say there is any one movement that is supreme. Because the posterior deltoid’s are predominantly type one slow twitch muscle fiber, I […]

Exercise Index – Back Training Biomechanics, The Significance Of Elbow Position

Biomechanics can be a confusing subject, but I always believe in making it simple for clients, people don’t need to know super specific anatomy, but they should know body positioning and how that affects an exercise. When training your back, using a wider grip with your elbow higher will always recruit more upper back. This […]

Exercise Index – Hammer Curl For Forearm Development

Forearms are very much like calf muscles, everybody does the same exercise, but for those people who are genetically gifted, their results are disproportionate to everyone else. I have trained with professional bodybuilders, and IFBB pros, There are zero secrets to training any muscle, there are no cutting-edge tricks. All other factors being equal, your […]