Alexander Cortes

Great Men From History Series – Naresuan the Great 1556-1605

This man was a Crown Prince and King of Thailand, and is a National Hero for freeing his people from the Burmese BUT, his start in life was not so prestigious…and his tale is a tale of VENGEANCE and RIVALRY. Thailand (at that time called Kingdom of Siam), and Myanmar (then called Kingdom of Burma) …

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Turning 32

(This was originally shared in my newsletter. Subscribe to get exclusive content like this.) What’s up people. I am 32 today, and I can say honestly my life has never been better. The challenge of beginning Muay Thai training has enriched my life in so many ways, I am the healthiest I ever been, my …

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woman in black tank top and black shorts doing yoga during daytime

Top 10 Exercises For ATHLETICISM

Athleticism is being highly competent and coordinated at performing the foundational movement elements. Basically, you are really efficient at moving quickly and fluidly, squatting, pulling, pressing, sprinting, lateral directional changes, force/power production and rotation. Getting good at everything on this list won’t make you “elite”, but you’d certainly have a respectable baseline of athleticism that …

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