How To Avoid Bicep Tendinitis

This is a very common technique problem that most of you are probably doing: pulling too much with your bicep. To properly work the muscles, the forearm should be parallel with the ground during almost any kind of horizontal row. If your hand is crossing the line resistance and you are doing a curling motion […]

Exercise Index – High Incline Smith Machine Press For Stable Pain-Free Pressing

Credit to @dante_trudel, his original DogCrapp training guide online had this exercise in it as one of the recommended shoulder builders I don’t know why this exercise isn’t more popular. It’s stable, easily customized, you can move lots of weight, and it’s a great strength and mass builder. Yet I rarely see it done in gyms. […]

Exercise Index – Front Kicks And Pankration (Ancient Greek Teeps???)

Pankration is an ancient martial art which mixes wrestling and boxing. The sport can be traced as far back as the second millennium BCE in the territory of ancient Greece. In Pankration, which is over 2500 years old, fighters were allowed to throw kicks, the exact technique of how they through them we do not […]

Exercise Index – Shadow Boxing With Weights (Ancient Greek Boxing Training)

Boxing training has not changed very much in thousands of years. For ancient Greek boxers and pankrationists, shadow boxing was a regular part of training, and they would often use hand weights. These weights were not heavy. At most they might’ve been two or 3 pounds, and the goal was not to develop hand speed, […]

Exercise Index – High-Incline Dumbbell Overhead Press For Pain-Free Pressing

Years ago I read a list of exercises recommended by @dante_trudel, and one of them was a high incline press on a smith machine. I’d never heard of pressing this way. My understanding of the overhead press was pressing straight overhead, not at an angle. A few years later, I heard John Meadows recommend the same […]

Exercise Index – Inverted Rows For All Around Muscle Growth For Back

I’ve been programming this exercise since year 1 of my personal training career. It works for all body types, it can be progresses or regressed myriad ways, and it’s an effective all around muscle builder for the back, particularly the upper back and upper lats. It’s what I consider a self correcting exercise: it does […]

Exercise Index – Motorcycle Rows For A Wide Back

It’s only been in the past few years thar biomechanical knowledge in the fitness industry has improved, and old school exercises that were previously forgotten are being rediscovered. One such exercise is the “intermediate” row or pulldown. This pulling motion is done at a 45 degree angle, not perfectly vertical or horizontal. The motorcycle row […]

Exercise Index – Single Arm Pulldowns For Lat Development

Some years back I was experimenting with doing seated pulldowns on a 45 degree angle, and I maxed out the weight on the stack. As an experiment, I tried this single arm version you see here. It worked better than the bilateral version did. Because of the 45 degree angle of the weight and sitting […]

Exercise Index – Shoulder Rehab Protocol (by Dr. John Hirsch)

This protocol was developed by Dr. Hirsch, an orthopedic surgeon and shoulder specialist. This is a general protocol that develops the primary muscles of the shoulder, anterior, medial, and posterior delts while also restoring overhead range of motion and multidirectional mobility. It also strengthens the trapezius and can improve posture. It can be done by […]