The 5 Most Basic Pieces Of Training Advice For Anyone In Their 20s

1. Spend your first 5 years of training powerbuilding

This means prioritizing building muscle, and building strength, at the SAME TIME. Lift to either do more reps, or do more weight

When you cannot do more weight, do more reps until you can. Repeat this over and over. Learn how to get stronger, learn technique, focus on tried and true compound movements, do reps, get a pump. Take pictures – If you’re getting bigger and stronger, pictures dont lie

2. Don’t fall into believing that the wheel has been reinvented with diet

It has not. Eat protein, fat, eat carbs, some can eat more than others. Do not read “diet” books that use the terms “secret, revolutionary, magical, cutting edge” or any other hyperbole in the title

Learn the basics of nutrition, and then experiment until you find what works best for yourself. There is no one size fits all “perfect” human diet

3. Find a good trainer to teach you how to lift if you need help

A good trainer can save you YEARS of wasted training. Learn how to lift properly, learn how to do a variety of movements, learn how to customize your training to YOUR body and needs

4. Start as soon as you can, do not wait

Your 20s are the primetime to establish health and vitality for a lifetime. Take advantage of time now so that you are not catching up for time lost later. If you do not, you WILL regret it. Bad health now = regrettable life later

5. Do not get fat

Do not ever ever get fat. Ever.

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