Best Book On Doing Online Business

I have a Book recommendation for you.

It’s “Launch” by Jeff Walker. Get it here.

I read this in 2016, and I combined with everything I got from Ben Settle.

This is the ONLY book on “online business” I’ve read (this post was written in 2018). And there is one major strategy/concept it taught me –The Sideways Sales letter – Start promoting something in small chunks weeks or even months in advance.

Even better, be “promoting” all the time, because the more often you promote, the LESS you have to “sell” at any given time. Simply incorporate the product into your regular storytelling and emails, mention it in passing.

Periodically talk about it in detail, but give MOST of it away when you do, I’ve probably given away the equivalent of 10 books at this point on my email list. People buy because there is zero doubt about product, they’ve already seen half of it

I’ve been practicing and applying my “Story Selling” format for the last 2 years. It works, and it works very very well. It’s how you produce consistent sales WEEK IN AND WEEK OUT. And it’s how you can have a big launch without ever appearing like a shuckster

The “downside” to this is that you have to WRITE emails to your list. Or tweet more Or produce more content. But FYI if you’re in the digital world, THAT is mandatory, it has to happen. You cannot have low exposure and High presence.

Following that, there are a bunch of other mistakes you all are making. You don’t use questions you get enough in your story telling. I infamously make myself available for questions, I get hundreds weekly. How the hell am I ever going to run out of content?

You don’t use enough photos, or your photos are generic especially if you have physical products. Get some nice pictures taken!! Outside, or inside a pretty room, or on people’s bodies, and always in good lighting no reason to have shitty pictures

Testimonials. This is your proof of work. My training programs, I get guys every day posting their results. Does anyone doubt they work? FUCK NO You should be collecting testimonials all the time, and SHARING THEM. Let your people sell for you

Affiliates. Okay, this is a big one If you want people to affiliate for you, don’t just send them the thing and then ask. DO THE WORK FOR THEM, Sell THEM on Selling for YOU by selling them on why your thing could benefit them.

“Hello such and such person with a large following who I want to make $$ from. I have this thing, and I think you’d enjoy for it ABC reasons And here’s why it aligns with your message and could benefit your audience”

“And here are some stories/ways you could present it, and here is some possible copy you could adapt if you do”

Yes this is work, but it makes affiliating easy, because it addresses the other side of the problem, most people don’t know how to promote.

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