If you are unreasonably passionate about or are worried about any specific muscle group that isn’t responding to your training, I have a whole bunch of specialty programs that focus on specific body parts, from which you can pick what you want. Here they are. Pick what you want!

You want cephalic vein bursting BICEPS, and horseshoe TRICEPS, together with panty wetting FOREARMS? I have for you the 21 Guns

You want strong and scary, tree trunk LEGS? I’ve got Quads of Gods

You want powerful, boulders for SHOULDERS? I’ve got the Seven Deadly Shoulder Swoles

You want a slab of granite for a CHEST? I’ve got just what will build that

You want your chicken neck to transform into Mike Tyson NECK? You think I don’t have that covered? Guess again

You want to transform your weak, slumping upper-body posterior chain into the yoke of a virile Bull Rhino? You want to fix your hunch back and stand tall with powerful POSTURE? I bloody have such a program

You want an ASS so tight and powerful as the Ancient Greeks, with powerful HAMSTRING and CALVES? Get my Posterior Power Program

Have a look at any of my many holistic programs as well.