Arthur Jones is forgotten about today, but anyone who has ever used ANY machine in a gym has used one of his inventions Jones was the first person to recognize that machines could be SUPERIOR to free weights for muscle building Jones loved muscle building, but hated the false machismo that many men had with […]

Simple Rehab Protocol To Recover Quickly From Injury

Start with Isometric Exercises 30 seconds, anywhere from 4-10 sets. Isometrics must be done at joint angle that specifically strengthens the affected tissues. Then do Heavy Isotonics This means lifting, Heavy as possible, SLOW rep speed, stable exercises only  And finally, do Explosive/Elastic Exercises Must already have done 1,2 and demonstrated progression. Rate of Force […]

AJAC Favorite Lower Body Exercises

These are movements I would use with clients in person, they have low learning curves, are biomechanically effective, and can be done without complicated setups. Heels Elevated Back Squat This is still my favorite movement for Overall muscle gain, and almost anyone can do it (barring contraindications).  Elevating heels keeps the torso more upright & […]

Top Hypertrophy Exercises for Every Muscle Group

This will include both isolation and compound movements, as well training all sections of a given muscle Trapezius The upper trapezius is best trained with SHRUGS.  DB or Cable shrugs. Super heavy shrugs are largely a waste of time, you’d be better off dead lifting. The upper traps are attached to the CLAVICLES & scapula, […]

Muscle Gain For Natties

If you have been training for over a decade, ultra consistent, and you still want to gain muscle, you need to think in 1-2 year time frames for mass gain, not monthly. Natural muscle growth is SLOW. Rather than do the typical bulk/cut that’s 3-4 months of each.  Do a 1-2 year slow and steady […]

Simplest Full Body Workout For Overall Fitness

It’s a Push, Pull, Legs workout. This is the most simple kind of fully body workout, very low learning curve, hits broadest range of muscles, adaptable to any kind of situation, can be done in 30 min or less. You do one exercise each, 2-5 sets, whatever rep range you are comfortable with. Push exercises […]

Rest Periods For Strength And Muscle Gain

This is in fact quite simple: Longest rest periods (3-5 minutes) are superior for strength and muscle gains This has been well researched, with multiple studies (legit studies) coming to the same conclusion  Speaking from a historical perspective, long rest periods have been used by powerlifters, strongmen, bodybuilders and olympic lifters The first well known […]

Styles Of Resistance Training

There are THREE general ways to resistance train. All can be effective, all of them deliver results, the “best” way is contextual They all use the same exercises more less, but in different ways I encourage trying ALL of them…  1. High Intensity, Low Volume This is training to failure, or beyond failure. One or […]

Working Out And Meal Timing

I’ll make this really simple Eat 1-2 hours before working out. Protein and carbohydrates. The bigger the meal, the longer it takes to digest After working out: eating sooner is generally better than later. You’ll recover faster. That said, if you had a preworkout meal, you can wait an hour or 2 If you train […]

Phantom Pain

This is a common phenomenon for people who are new to exercising, and its not often talked about. People will experience specific pain in a muscle or joint, but they are not injured, the pain is usually mild, & it often goes away with time. Why does this happen? Here is a big idea to […]