How To Achieve LEAN GAINS

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To start with: Lean gains is defined as the holy grail experience of being able to gain muscle mass AND lose bodyfat, at the same time This effect CAN be created, but it requires the right conditions. It will not happen randomly.  So how to create this for yourself?  1. The more of a novice […]

Best Exercises For Every Muscle Group

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Here they are. Chest Flat DB Press Weighted Dips Low incline DB press Incline DB Press Incline Smith press  hammer strength press  Incline Bench press Barbell bench Press Back Width Chinups Pullups Neutral Grip chinups When you can EASILY do 15 rep sets of all three of the above, THEN you can start adding weight. […]

7 Things You Need To Know About BULK and CUT

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Bulking and Cutting have been around a long time, and its constantly confusing to people when and how they long they should each of them I’m going to clear up the muscle growth myths. 1 – Bulking and Cutting comes from the bodybuilding world  Bodybuilders train to maximize muscle mass, and the longer you train […]

Just Follow The Program

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4 times a month, I host a health and fitness AMA session on Twitter. Most of the questions are from young men and women who’ve just started training. “What’s the best exercise to get 6 pack?“, “How to develop upper chest?“, “Can we build muscles with bodyweight training?” I always answer them because I understand […]

10 Facts On Training Calves

Calf muscles are often overlooked in training, but they are essential to athletic movement. Historically in anthropology, weak & skinny calves = weak body. They also pump blood back to heart, which means weak calves = weak peripheral blood flow. 1. The calves are comprised of multiple muscles The calf muscles point, flex, and stabilize […]

Top 10 Tips For Building And Strengthening The Glutes

Let’s talk about ASS baby The glutes are the powerhouse muscles of the body. Strong glutes equals Faster, Stronger, More Powerful Individual. Everyone – Men and Women – needs to train them. Here is how… 1 – The glutes are 3 muscles that you need to train Glute minimus Glute Medius Glute Maximus Your glutes […]

“My Legs Are Too Skinny. How To Make Them Bigger?”

Here are 5 strategies you can use to get rid of skinny legs. Do the work and see the results. 1. High Reps Low reps are lousy for leg growth. If you did nothing else but change your working reps to the 10-20 rep range, your legs would grow immensely 2. Focusing Too Much On […]


Incline benching has greater athletic strength transfer & develops a more aesthetic upper body. Unless you compete in powerlifting, there’s no compelling reason to flat bench press Incline is more joint friendly, less likely to lead to pecs tears The man that popularized the flat bench press, Bill Starr, he thought the INCLINE BENCH was […]

Top 10 Old School Bodybuilding Tactic For Weight Gain

Here’s the list. 1. High Rep Squatting High reps, especially in the 10-20 rep range, this is phenomenally effective for muscle growth. The “20 rep” barbell squat workout and others like it is tried and proven to work excellent for mass 2. Eating 5-6 Times A Day Small meals that digest quickly. Many people will […]

The 5 Most Basic Pieces Of Training Advice For Anyone In Their 20s

1. Spend your first 5 years of training powerbuilding This means prioritizing building muscle, and building strength, at the SAME TIME. Lift to either do more reps, or do more weight When you cannot do more weight, do more reps until you can. Repeat this over and over. Learn how to get stronger, learn technique, […]