Simplest Full Body Workout For Overall Fitness

It’s a Push, Pull, Legs workout. This is the most simple kind of fully body workout, very low learning curve, hits broadest range of muscles, adaptable to any kind of situation, can be done in 30 min or less. You do one exercise each, 2-5 sets, whatever rep range you are comfortable with. Push exercises […]


In 2020, I researched Ancient Greek athletics, and from there I started exploring training techniques in other cultures These are my favorite “ancient” exercises with timeless health and performance benefits 1. Hindu Squats Hindu squats are known as Baithaks, Pelewan wrestlers routinely do 1000 a day as part of their training (they build up this […]

Top 15 Bodyweight Exercises

man in black tank top raising his hands

Here they are. 1) Chin / Pull Up Back, arms, biceps, being lean. Being able to do these is requisite to being athletic. The best grip is actually a parallel grip, its the most joint friendly. Do them on rings if possible. 2) Pushup Chest, shoulders, triceps. Man has been building his upperbody with these […]

Great Men From History Series – TEDDY ROOSEVELT – The Strenuous Life

The man in this photo is Teddy Roosevelt, during the time he worked as a cowboy on the American Frontier in the late 1800s. Teddy Roosevelt today is revered as Masculine symbol MAN, But he was not always so robust. As a child growing up, he was sickly, and had asthma. He was often in […]

7 Most Common Mistakes with Bodyweight Training

Right now, everyone is doing bodyweight training. This is excellent, as bodyweight movements are the best exercises you can do for your athleticism. But there is a caveat to this: Bodyweight movements are the EASIEST exercises to overtrain. These are the common bodyweight training mistakes that happen when people commit to bodyweight training. 1. Doing […]