How To Become Freakishly Productive

Commit yourself to an insane level of work and discipline for 6 months (better yet, a year) Normalize a freakish level of productivity This is likely not sustainable, but once you dial back, your level of output and dedication will still be vastly ahead of the competition  Much of this work will be overkill, you […]

Sales And Conventional Wisdom

Year 1 of my training career: The most successful trainer at the gym was Louis, older gentlemen in his 60s. All of his clients were wealthy retirees. Everyone bought 20-30 sessions at a time. Full schedule daily He was master salesman, because he didn’t sell…  He had cultivated a reputation that preceded him Any potential […]

How I Made $1 MILLION Through Twitter, An Email List and Ebooks

I’ve broken the whole process down into 12 principles and points Feel free to ask questions at any time Since someone will call BS, here is proof of work, lifetime sales on @gumroad… 1. The Digital Economy is the richest, most open economy in existence Lets go back to 2011, I was a personal trainer […]

AJAC’s Crypto Guide for Bros

I have a new product people. The Cryptocurrency Guide for BROS! Like many of you reading this, I am not a programmer.  I am not a blockchain expert.  I am a BRO, a personal trainer, and my experience in crypto has been that of an “average joe” trying to learn about something that is still NOT […]

Best Book On Doing Online Business

I have a Book recommendation for you. It’s “Launch” by Jeff Walker. Get it here. I read this in 2016, and I combined with everything I got from Ben Settle. This is the ONLY book on “online business” I’ve read (this post was written in 2018). And there is one major strategy/concept it taught me […]

Don’t Cringe To Sell

If you are a “Creator”, you need to realize that you THINK very very differently from a Consumer. When you are writing/selling/presenting, you need to get out of your mind, and speak the language of theirs. This has been my own biggest struggle The resources, books, courses that helped me the most, I still got […]

The Power Of Compound Action

10 years ago I became a personal trainer. I have studied and practiced every day since then to improve my craft. 7 years ago (2013) I started writing. I didn’t get paid until year 2. I didn’t make more than $10k a year from writing until year 5 (2017). And that was because I went […]

10 Sales Lessons From 10 Years Of Selling

To preface, I’ve been a personal trainer since I was 20. I turned 30 in 2019. That’s 10 years of “sales experience”. Lets begin 1 – Sales is not about Sales, it’s about Psychology You are influencing someone’s thinking, which means you need an understanding of how people think. They best salesman are persuasive because […]

How to Maximize Twitter Growth

blue and red logo guessing game

Have a Clear Reason for being on this platform I see many brands and individuals mess this up because they have an odd Expectation that simply by having an account, somehow they are marketing themselves. Twitter is a 24-7 platform and every user is looking for what would interest them. If your intention is to […]

The First Time I Made Money Online

It was $60. February 2016. That was how much I earned. Small amount, but it changed my whole life. When I was on facebook, I had a lot of personal trainers that followed me. I got asked for book recommendations quite often. Somehow, I had learned what amazon affiliate links were. And I had an […]