How much energy does a Fat person have?

Every pound of fat stored on the body contains about 3500 calories approximately Considering the basal metabolic rate is about 1400 for women, and 1600 for men That means a pound of bodyfat yields around 2 days worth of calories If you are severely obese and 100lbs plus overweight, you have about 200 days of […]


If you seriously want to lose bodyfat, and do so with brutal consistency, you’re gonna have suck it and accept these facts 1. Dieting for Fat loss is BORING I had a customer once that was furious over his purchase of Accelerated fat loss… “chicken & protein shakes! No variety! I follow this boring meal […]


For whatever reason, there are always people who want to disparage the calorie model of nutrition Im going to explain why calories are REAL, and how to use them effectively for fat loss or weight gain  1. Food DOES contain objectively measurable amounts of energy Im gonna give a really fast and dirty organic chemistry […]

Cardio Explained (Zone 2, HIIT, Skinny guys, Fat guys ALL explained)

If you understand cardio by the end of this post, you’ll have the tools to add years to your life And increase quality of life. -To start, here is a chart showing cardio zones, I will explain it in details Doing cardio is not a random process. There is proven, factual science to training your […]

How To Achieve LEAN GAINS

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To start with: Lean gains is defined as the holy grail experience of being able to gain muscle mass AND lose bodyfat, at the same time This effect CAN be created, but it requires the right conditions. It will not happen randomly.  So how to create this for yourself?  1. The more of a novice […]

The Diet for Lean Muscle and Old-School Fatloss

When you get the AJAC Diet, you get 3 books. The main book, details of which was covered in yesterday’s email (you can read it here), The AJAC guide to Lean Mass Gain The AJAC Old School Fatloss Plan I’ll tell you what’s covered in the last 2 books here. The AJAC guide to Lean Mass Gain: […]

Learn Once, Eat Healthy Life Long

Try answering these >> Do you know what micro and macronutrients are? Do you know the difference between them?>> Do you know which macronutrient is the most important of all?>> Can you read the nutrition info labels on foods you buy and truly understand what they mean?>> Do you know what foods result in gaining weight and […]

The 5 Most Basic Pieces Of Training Advice For Anyone In Their 20s

1. Spend your first 5 years of training powerbuilding This means prioritizing building muscle, and building strength, at the SAME TIME. Lift to either do more reps, or do more weight When you cannot do more weight, do more reps until you can. Repeat this over and over. Learn how to get stronger, learn technique, […]

3 Ways The Intermittent Fasting Diet Gets You Leaner (And Keeps You There)

A Guest post by ForeverAlpha blog Intermittent Fasting is the main area I talk about, as it’s what transformed me from being overweight to being 10% body fat year-round. It works incredibly well, especially when you do it properly. But over the past couple of years I’ve received thousands of comments and DM’s on Twitter, […]