How I Made $1 MILLION Through Twitter, An Email List and Ebooks

I’ve broken the whole process down into 12 principles and points Feel free to ask questions at any time Since someone will call BS, here is proof of work, lifetime sales on @gumroad… 1. The Digital Economy is the richest, most open economy in existence Lets go back to 2011, I was a personal trainer …

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In 2020, I researched Ancient Greek athletics, and from there I started exploring training techniques in other cultures These are my favorite “ancient” exercises with timeless health and performance benefits 1. Hindu Squats Hindu squats are known as Baithaks, Pelewan wrestlers routinely do 1000 a day as part of their training (they build up this …



What is Posture?

Your Posture is your relationship with gravity. Gravity pulls you straight down, muscle keeps your skeleton upright against it. Gravity is always in effect. If your body is physically not conditioned to resist its effects, then you are gradually going to break down with age. When I tell people “gravity will destroy you” I am …

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Fatherless Women

“My father had a few good qualities and many horrible ones. He was a master in masking his bad qualities. But I Iearned from my grandfather, who was as best as they come. Which is why my grandpa’s death affected me more than my father’s abandonment” Something that is vastly overlooked in modern society, and …

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The Passion Mythology

Passion is far too mercurial and nebulous. I encourage people to consider enthusiasms rather than passion. Passion comes and goes. Enthusiasm, on the other hand, can be nurtured & fed, constantly revitalized. It helps to think of enthusiasm as passion’s better behaved sibling. ~the Gentlemen Mystic~ Society is taught that passion MUST be present for …

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