Arthur Jones is forgotten about today, but anyone who has ever used ANY machine in a gym has used one of his inventions Jones was the first person to recognize that machines could be SUPERIOR to free weights for muscle building Jones loved muscle building, but hated the false machismo that many men had with […]

Great Men From History Series – Naresuan the Great 1556-1605

This man was a Crown Prince and King of Thailand, and is a National Hero for freeing his people from the Burmese BUT, his start in life was not so prestigious…and his tale is a tale of VENGEANCE and RIVALRY. Thailand (at that time called Kingdom of Siam), and Myanmar (then called Kingdom of Burma) […]

The Man That Changed My Life (A Reflection on Luck)

I think you can fucking write, so prove it… ~Bob~ I have been reading Rory Sutherland’s “Alchemy”. I am not fond of writing book reports (read the book), but there is a point I wanted to share. Rory discusses the role of LUCK, and how it is undervalued in modern society. The Ancient Greeks called […]

Great Men From History Series – TEDDY ROOSEVELT – The Strenuous Life

The man in this photo is Teddy Roosevelt, during the time he worked as a cowboy on the American Frontier in the late 1800s. Teddy Roosevelt today is revered as Masculine symbol MAN, But he was not always so robust. As a child growing up, he was sickly, and had asthma. He was often in […]

Great Men From History Series – JACK DEMPSEY

I’m going to start highlighting great men throughout history, and how they trained. Let’s start with JACK DEMPSEY Heavyweight champion from 1919-1926. He was 6’1, 187lbs. Record of 54-6-9, with 44 KOs. Was an exceptional boxer and known for his brutal power in both hands Dempsey grew up in a poor Irish family, and left […]