What to Do About HAIR LOSS

For the past few years I have been asked on a weekly basis what can be done about hair loss. For some statistical evidence, ala the American Hair Loss Association. 66% of men notice some degree of hair thinning by age 35, and this number goes up to 85% by the age of 50 40% […]

The 12 Sources Of Stress That Will Steal Your Soul

never stress

Faking relationships with people you don’t like. It’s draining & always feels unethical. Working a job that you HATE. It might be necessary, but it’s impossible to be your best self when you loathe the work that you do. An unhealthy lifestyle. When health is in the gutter, stress from all sources is heightened. Life […]

10 Testosterone Facts that Men Need to Know

Testosterone levels are something that all men should understand. Testosterone is after all what makes men…MEN. If you don’t understand how testosterone works and how it effects your health, you are at the mercy of the modern environment, and all the ways it can bring you down. Im not going to make this into a […]

8 Tactics to Boost Testosterone

The following article is by Mike Mahler. I have referred to it so many times over the years that I asked his permission to use his content and share it on my site. I’ve got nothing to add truly to this. I agree with all of it, and for those men seeking to improve their hormonal […]

50 ways to naturally increase testosterone

Testosterone and hormonal health are critical for overall male health. Low testosterone causes low energy, low sex drive, low strength, anxiety and depression. Ignore it at your own detriment. Not a week goes by that I am not asked about testosterone levels. Especially one of the following questions: —”How can I raise my testosterone?” —”Can […]

How to Get Better Sleep

Sleep is one of the most common questions I am asked about. How to get more of it, how to survive on less of it, and what routines can improve it. Let’s dive right into the subject and establish some facts and premises first 1. You NEED to get 7-8 total hours of sleep nightly […]