Man of Action vs Man of Words

Too many men seduced by words, social media signaling, mental masturbation of “self improvement” which becomes purposeless consumption, philosophical opining of “fate of western civilization”. Still broke, still unfit, no meaningful Action, no creation.This is not the Way.  A Man of Action – A rich life of experiences, adventures, wisdom has been earned by LIVING. […]

A Man Can Always Reinvent Himself

man carrying to girls on field of red petaled flower

My father has been a handyman, substitute teacher, correctional youth counselor, prison guard, vocational rehab, and then Doctor.  He’s continuously reinvented himself over and over. I silently internalized the lesson that a Man ALWAYS can reinvent himself, evolve. And there is no age where this stops. Don’t like where you are in life, change it, […]

Great Men From History Series – Naresuan the Great 1556-1605

This man was a Crown Prince and King of Thailand, and is a National Hero for freeing his people from the Burmese BUT, his start in life was not so prestigious…and his tale is a tale of VENGEANCE and RIVALRY. Thailand (at that time called Kingdom of Siam), and Myanmar (then called Kingdom of Burma) […]

Great Men From History Series – TEDDY ROOSEVELT – The Strenuous Life

The man in this photo is Teddy Roosevelt, during the time he worked as a cowboy on the American Frontier in the late 1800s. Teddy Roosevelt today is revered as Masculine symbol MAN, But he was not always so robust. As a child growing up, he was sickly, and had asthma. He was often in […]

A Leader Of Men?

I never planned on being a role model. I never wanted to be someone that other people “looked up to” and relied on for guidance. Truthfully, all I wanted years ago was one thing: to dance, and be left alone, and have no concerns but training and performing. That dream went to dust eventually. A […]

10 Ways Men Waste their Lives

tastefully wasted neon signage

I wrote this originally for men in their 20s, but these points can be applied to most any age of man. While your 20s are your primetime for your life, growth does not end once you enter your 30s. That, your 20s can be a mans foundation for the rest of his life, or you […]

Finding Archetypal Male Role Models

In the past three years, I’ve written about masculinity and society at various times, and I find myself doing so again. Recently the “manosphere” which is the sort of collective online community of Men trying to help men become more capable men, its gone through a disintegration period. Personal dramas between individuals and perspective differences […]