How To Become Freakishly Productive

Commit yourself to an insane level of work and discipline for 6 months (better yet, a year) Normalize a freakish level of productivity This is likely not sustainable, but once you dial back, your level of output and dedication will still be vastly ahead of the competition  Much of this work will be overkill, you […]

Phantom Pain

This is a common phenomenon for people who are new to exercising, and its not often talked about. People will experience specific pain in a muscle or joint, but they are not injured, the pain is usually mild, & it often goes away with time. Why does this happen? Here is a big idea to […]

A Man Can Always Reinvent Himself

man carrying to girls on field of red petaled flower

My father has been a handyman, substitute teacher, correctional youth counselor, prison guard, vocational rehab, and then Doctor.  He’s continuously reinvented himself over and over. I silently internalized the lesson that a Man ALWAYS can reinvent himself, evolve. And there is no age where this stops. Don’t like where you are in life, change it, […]

Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey is an archetypal story pattern, and you see in ancient stories and modern ones. It is not a “new” idea that someone thought up, rather, its representative that people ALWAYS think in narrative form. It looks like this. (credit to Reg Harris for the image)  Joseph Campbell was the one to fully […]

Just Follow The Program

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4 times a month, I host a health and fitness AMA session on Twitter. Most of the questions are from young men and women who’ve just started training. “What’s the best exercise to get 6 pack?“, “How to develop upper chest?“, “Can we build muscles with bodyweight training?” I always answer them because I understand […]

Health Is Not What You Think It Is

I grew up in a “healthy” family, an almost ideally healthy one at that. Both of my parents are avid gym-goers. They took up the habit in their teens, and have never stopped in 4 or 5 decades. They’ve never not been active, they’ve never been overweight, or struggled with their weight at all. They […]

Some Thoughts On Writing

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Simple writing tip: Stop trying to make your writing simpler Use run on sentence, use big words, use phrases, metaphors, luxuriate how you express yourself, develop your own style, make art with words & enjoy doing so Don’t listen to shitty writers that write for dumb audiences I absolutely despise this “write for a 1st […]

Serious Plan For People At Rock Bottom

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If you’re at Rock Bottom, you’ve only got two choices, Wait here and die, or keep moving and climb up out. If it’s going to be the latter, you need to have a plan, a serious plan. Write this down. 1. Visualize WHERE you are trying to climb to You can only go forward, you […]


By most estimations, people would consider me a disciplined person. I train every week, as I’ve done for 15 years. My diet is healthy. I write every day, in thousands of words. My business is worked on daily. True days-off are extremely rare. 
I am disciplined, am I not? Sure I am. But I don’t […]

How Do You Create Momentum?

1st Axiom: Action over everything else Don’t let anything impede your ability to act. And don’t waste time on anything that isn’t conducive to action and creation. 2nd Axiom: Energy. To create energy, you must become energy Move when you don’t feel like, write when you don’t feel like, go lift when you don’t feel […]