Top Hypertrophy Exercises for Every Muscle Group

This will include both isolation and compound movements, as well training all sections of a given muscle Trapezius The upper trapezius is best trained with SHRUGS.  DB or Cable shrugs. Super heavy shrugs are largely a waste of time, you’d be better off dead lifting. The upper traps are attached to the CLAVICLES & scapula, […]

Rest Periods For Strength And Muscle Gain

This is in fact quite simple: Longest rest periods (3-5 minutes) are superior for strength and muscle gains This has been well researched, with multiple studies (legit studies) coming to the same conclusion  Speaking from a historical perspective, long rest periods have been used by powerlifters, strongmen, bodybuilders and olympic lifters The first well known […]

Styles Of Resistance Training

There are THREE general ways to resistance train. All can be effective, all of them deliver results, the “best” way is contextual They all use the same exercises more less, but in different ways I encourage trying ALL of them…  1. High Intensity, Low Volume This is training to failure, or beyond failure. One or […]

The Diet for Lean Muscle and Old-School Fatloss

When you get the AJAC Diet, you get 3 books. The main book, details of which was covered in yesterday’s email (you can read it here), The AJAC guide to Lean Mass Gain The AJAC Old School Fatloss Plan I’ll tell you what’s covered in the last 2 books here. The AJAC guide to Lean Mass Gain: […]

Top 10 Old School Bodybuilding Tactic For Weight Gain

Here’s the list. 1. High Rep Squatting High reps, especially in the 10-20 rep range, this is phenomenally effective for muscle growth. The “20 rep” barbell squat workout and others like it is tried and proven to work excellent for mass 2. Eating 5-6 Times A Day Small meals that digest quickly. Many people will […]

Why You DONT need a Big Chest to be Athletic and Powerful

A few days ago, I was sharing pictures of old time strongmen on twitter, and some followers made a sharp observation The men had very developed developed shoulders, yoke, core, and legs, but notably absent pec development. Yet they had very proportionate physiques that inherently LOOK strong. In fact, none of them had big pecs […]

High Frequency Training For Bigger Arms

Train Your Biceps and Triceps EVERY DAY FOR 28 DAYS 100 biceps curls daily  100 tricep pushdowns daily  If your arms start to get beat up, cut the reps down to 50, but do NOT take any days off. Get at least high rep set in for biceps and triceps every day the rest of […]