Simple Rehab Protocol To Recover Quickly From Injury

Start with Isometric Exercises 30 seconds, anywhere from 4-10 sets. Isometrics must be done at joint angle that specifically strengthens the affected tissues. Then do Heavy Isotonics This means lifting, Heavy as possible, SLOW rep speed, stable exercises only  And finally, do Explosive/Elastic Exercises Must already have done 1,2 and demonstrated progression. Rate of Force […]

On Rehab And Physical Therapy

Getting injured sucks, but most orthopaedic injuries, you can make a full recovery from. Unfortunately, most people DONT get told this, they assume they’ll be damaged for life Here are some points to consider to make a full recovery… Taking “time off” does NOT make it an injury heal fasterOne of the biggest fallacies in […]

Phantom Pain

This is a common phenomenon for people who are new to exercising, and its not often talked about. People will experience specific pain in a muscle or joint, but they are not injured, the pain is usually mild, & it often goes away with time. Why does this happen? Here is a big idea to […]

Solutions for Shoulder Pain

Another compilation of strategies & tactics I’ve learned past 12 years FYI, this isn’t medical advice (although some of it could be), I cannot diagnose your specific issue over twitter That said, some of these will definitely help you…  1. Facepulls I learned back in 2011 when I got TRX certified The exercise is restorative, […]

Solutions for Knee Pain

This a compilation of strategies and tactics I’ve learned over the years These are not “workouts”, rather they are protocols to try. Credit is given where credit is due. That aside, the Number One strategy for Knee pain & issues of any kind is…  1. Backwards Walking (ideally with resistance) Credit goes to Ben Patrick […]

Does This Invention End Low Back Pain Forever?

woman lifting barbel

For long time readers, you may recall the past few years when I had spinal injuries (in 2018 and 2020), and had hernia surgery (2018 as well). For those that don’t know: I’ve had “low back problems” for a very very long time, going back to freshman year of high school, when I badly strained […]