Six Essential Skills Of Your Twenties

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1. Sales Job interviews Pitch meetings Negotiating Convincing All of life is a “sell” in some way. The ability to be persuasive and tell a story sets you apart from those that cannot and grants immense advantage in your earning power 2. Critical Thinking How to learn How to think logically How to think psycho-logically […]

10 Ways Men Waste their Lives

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I wrote this originally for men in their 20s, but these points can be applied to most any age of man. While your 20s are your primetime for your life, growth does not end once you enter your 30s. That, your 20s can be a mans foundation for the rest of his life, or you […]

The 12 Sources Of Stress That Will Steal Your Soul

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Faking relationships with people you don’t like. It’s draining & always feels unethical. Working a job that you HATE. It might be necessary, but it’s impossible to be your best self when you loathe the work that you do. An unhealthy lifestyle. When health is in the gutter, stress from all sources is heightened. Life […]

Starting Over From Zero

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I get asked this question fairly often, usually from guys in their late 20s (sometimes 30s) If you develop yourself on the Right Path, you never truly get knocked down to Zero Here is how to think about this… I think one of the biggest fallacies is this idea that you could lose “everything”, or […]