Rest Periods For Strength And Muscle Gain

This is in fact quite simple: Longest rest periods (3-5 minutes) are superior for strength and muscle gains This has been well researched, with multiple studies (legit studies) coming to the same conclusion  Speaking from a historical perspective, long rest periods have been used by powerlifters, strongmen, bodybuilders and olympic lifters The first well known […]

Styles Of Resistance Training

There are THREE general ways to resistance train. All can be effective, all of them deliver results, the “best” way is contextual They all use the same exercises more less, but in different ways I encourage trying ALL of them…  1. High Intensity, Low Volume This is training to failure, or beyond failure. One or […]

How To Achieve LEAN GAINS

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To start with: Lean gains is defined as the holy grail experience of being able to gain muscle mass AND lose bodyfat, at the same time This effect CAN be created, but it requires the right conditions. It will not happen randomly.  So how to create this for yourself?  1. The more of a novice […]

Top 10 Exercises For ATHLETICISM

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Athleticism is being highly competent and coordinated at performing the foundational movement elements. Basically, you are really efficient at moving quickly and fluidly, squatting, pulling, pressing, sprinting, lateral directional changes, force/power production and rotation. Getting good at everything on this list won’t make you “elite”, but you’d certainly have a respectable baseline of athleticism that […]

Top 10 Old School Bodybuilding Tactic For Weight Gain

Here’s the list. 1. High Rep Squatting High reps, especially in the 10-20 rep range, this is phenomenally effective for muscle growth. The “20 rep” barbell squat workout and others like it is tried and proven to work excellent for mass 2. Eating 5-6 Times A Day Small meals that digest quickly. Many people will […]

The 5 Most Basic Pieces Of Training Advice For Anyone In Their 20s

1. Spend your first 5 years of training powerbuilding This means prioritizing building muscle, and building strength, at the SAME TIME. Lift to either do more reps, or do more weight When you cannot do more weight, do more reps until you can. Repeat this over and over. Learn how to get stronger, learn technique, […]

7 Most Common Mistakes with Bodyweight Training

Right now, everyone is doing bodyweight training. This is excellent, as bodyweight movements are the best exercises you can do for your athleticism. But there is a caveat to this: Bodyweight movements are the EASIEST exercises to overtrain. These are the common bodyweight training mistakes that happen when people commit to bodyweight training. 1. Doing […]

Hoplite Bodyweight Workout (Train from Home)

Bodyweight Hoplite Imagine you are, for the first time in your life, being depended upon for your mental and physical strength, and you must be a pillar of support for those around you.  You also are in a position where you have ONLY your body to train with, and are very limited in any equipment […]