Supplements for Pain, Inflammation and Joint Health

To preface; it is not my recommendation that supplements are mandatory to be healthy. Everyone recommended here is for contextually specific usage, and has supporting scientific for its effectiveness Read on…  1. Fish Oil, Omega 3 fatty acids Fish oil reduces, triglyceride levels, can reduce inflammation and most notably, is as effective as pharmaceutical drugs […]

Best Exercises For Every Muscle Group

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Here they are. Chest Flat DB Press Weighted Dips Low incline DB press Incline DB Press Incline Smith press  hammer strength press  Incline Bench press Barbell bench Press Back Width Chinups Pullups Neutral Grip chinups When you can EASILY do 15 rep sets of all three of the above, THEN you can start adding weight. […]

Top 10 Exercises For ATHLETICISM

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Athleticism is being highly competent and coordinated at performing the foundational movement elements. Basically, you are really efficient at moving quickly and fluidly, squatting, pulling, pressing, sprinting, lateral directional changes, force/power production and rotation. Getting good at everything on this list won’t make you “elite”, but you’d certainly have a respectable baseline of athleticism that […]