AJAC Mentality and Physicality Master Class

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  • Do you struggle with making sense of “health and fitness” and so much conflicting information?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your body when you try to workout?
  • Do you struggle with excuses and are unable to stop yourself from creating reasons as to why you can’t do something?
  • Do you play the role of the victim, or the role of the Hero in your life?
  • Do you want to no longer feel like you are in a battle with yourself?
  • Do you want to finally get REAL results from training, and prove to yourself you can change?

Learn the solutions to these questions, and how to apply them in the The Mentality=Physicality Masterclass

I spared no expense in creating this course, with a professional director and film crew.

This masterclass is a culmination of the past 10 years of my career, and encapsulates the philosophy that I’ve taught to hundreds of clients and written about thousands of times online across all of my content.

A Chapter by Chapter Breakdown of the Masterclass

Chapter 1: The Holistic Approach to Health

Understanding that your mental and physical health are connected, and teaching you the strategies to achieve total health in both

Chapter 2: The Meaning of Mentality

Understanding how your attitude towards your life creates your health, your choices, and your outcomes. Changing your mentality is the first step in taking control of your life

Chapter 3: Your Life is Your Fault

How to shed a victim mindset, overcome negative thought patterns, and embrace extreme responsibility

Chapter 4: Mentality and Reaction

Learn to recognize how your reactions direct your energy and decision making. Breaking the “reaction spiral” gives you freedom to think abundantly

Chapter 5: Ending the War of Attrition with Yourself

Radical self-forgiveness and acceptance is you end feeling guilty, shameful, and regretful about your past choices

Chapter 6: The Meaning of Physicality

Why your physical body represents your mindset and how you live, and how to take advantage of this to change how people see you

Chapter 7: Spirituality and the Mind Body

Why honoring the body and mind is the pathway to higher consciousness and reconnecting with your spirituality, regardless of your religious background

Chapter 8: Eat Clean, Live Lean, Train Mean

A practical philosophy to eat healthy foods, live a bullshit free life, and get the maximum results from your training

Chapter 9: The Continuum of Nutrition

Why what you consume you become, how to eat a nutritious diet and what to avoid, and how to never need to diet again

Chapter 10: The Continuum of Training

Why there is nothing cutting edge about fitness, how to train the way your body was meant to move, and understanding the first principles of fitness to unlock your results

Chapter 11: Common Questions and Struggles

Chapter 11: Advice for Young People

What should you prioritize in your teens and early 20s? What health principles should you follow to ensure a rich a life

Over the course of completing each chapter, you will unlock new challenges to take on each week, and over the course of 6 weeks, you will take control and upgrade your mind, body, and lifestyle