Don’t Cringe To Sell

If you are a “Creator”, you need to realize that you THINK very very differently from a Consumer. When you are writing/selling/presenting, you need to get out of your mind, and speak the language of theirs. This has been my own biggest struggle

The resources, books, courses that helped me the most, I still got SOLD on those. People have these strange reactions to learning to sell. You’ve been SOLD many many many times over, guaranteed you’ve bought things this way. And many of them were probably very worth it

Not wanting to learn sales is the equivalent of “people should like me for who I am” in dating. Except you’re unattractive, a bore to be around, and have a shitty personality. But someone is supposed to MIND READ and KNOW what a GREAT person you are

Just like you should not have to SELL your product, people should just KNOW how GREAT it is, while you sheepishly mention it. That makes sense.

Cue someone saying “Rolls Royce don’t advertise!!!”. Sure they don’t, yet somehow you KNOW that they don’t, just like you accidentally know their cars cost hundreds of thousands and anyone who owns one is Rich. Yeah, R&R clearly doesn’t doing “marketing” of any kind

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