Exercise Index – Bent Over Rear Delt Raise

Vince Gironda was the first bodybuilding coach that realized the posterior deltoids could be directly targeted, he had a variety of rows that would specifically work this section of muscle and noted that muscle did respond to targeted movements.

Years later it would be John Meadows (RIP) who would popularize rear delt training in the modern era.

This bent-over rear delt raise is the most “old school” exercise you can do for rear deltoids.

It’s done with light weights, for 3-5 sets, and usually done for at least 15 reps a set or higher. It’s not a heavy movement (if you want to do a heavy exercise for rear delts, do wide grip rows)

These are usually done after compound pressing movements, although if posterior deltoids are a priority, you could do them at the beginning.


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