Cable Sissy Squat For Amazing Quads

The Cable Sissy Squat is similar to a Hindu squat, but with heel elevation and cable resistance added, the exercise emphasizes the quads because of the perpendicular angle achieved with the femur and tibia against the line resistance.

You will notice that it somewhat resembles a hack squat. Unlike a machine hack squat though which requires a parallel tibia, in the sissy squat With elevated heels, and using cables, you’re able to lean back and achieve a greater range of motion due to the increased Joint angle at the ankle and knee.

I have been using this exercise with clients for over a year, it has been surprising to people to see the obvious visual development in their quadriceps with none of the typical discomfort associated with squatting. I don’t particularly care about being hard-core, many of my online clients are older individuals and increasing the muscle mass and flexibility while sparing spinal and low back stress is something they appreciate.

Because you do have to counter balance yourself, this is not an exercise that is suited for heavy low reps. I prefer the 8-20 rep range. This exercise does work very well for high intensity style training, a slow Excentric tempo makes these a killer.

To note: The glutes are working during this exercise, but they are not the primary muscle being loaded, the quadriceps is performing the burden of the work.


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