Exercise Index – Hammer Curl For Forearm Development

Forearms are very much like calf muscles, everybody does the same exercise, but for those people who are genetically gifted, their results are disproportionate to everyone else.

I have trained with professional bodybuilders, and IFBB pros, There are zero secrets to training any muscle, there are no cutting-edge tricks. All other factors being equal, your results are determined by your genetics.

The classical hammer curl is the best way to train the major forearm muscle, and this is how you do it.

The biggest mistake I see when training biceps and forearms is the usage of momentum. You need to do slow and controlled reps. The Heave Ho shit is not promoting growth.

For rep ranges, I favor the classical 6-12 range. You could go slightly lower, or slightly higher. Experiment and find what works best for yourself.

Lastly, the adjustable dumbbells I’m using are Bolt Bells from @boltfitnesssupply

They are easy to adjust and look sleek, with solid grips, I highly recommend them.


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