Exercise Index – Horse Stance for Hip Mobility

The “horse stance” is common in Asian martial arts and has many different names, but the principle is the same: it’s an isometric position used to develop lower body flexibility, strength, and endurance.

To note, I’m fully aware that the feet are suggested to be forward facing when doing this exercise, but my hip structure does not allow for that, hence why they are turned out.

This position is very similar to a ballet 2nd position, and as my hip structure is naturally suited to this wider position, I’ve always enjoyed doing these.

This exercise is isometric. The longer you can hold it, the stronger your body and mind.

I have been told as part of black testing, some martial arts schools require their students to hold this for 10 minutes, I think that’s a great goal to aim for. There are claims of even holding it up to an hour or longer in Shaolin Kung Fu.

This exercise is not mandatory to perform, but if you’re like me and you prefer your lower body training to have a positive transfer to combat sports, I think it’s a great exercise to incorporate for kicking mobility.

It can potentially be done daily, but I suggest twice a week frequency.

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