Exercise Index – Isometrics for Elbow Tendon Stregth and Tendinitis Rehab

Isometrics allow applying of maximum mechanical tension to a tendon with no change in muscle length (relatively speaking).

Because of this, isometrics can be effective for rehabbing tendons and muscles (by applying mechanical tension), and they work around the pain response that is often experienced from a full range of motion dynamic exercises.

After reading @jaketuura’s research and recommendations for using isometrics for patellar tendinitis and knee rehab, I got the idea to apply it to the biceps and triceps. (You can get Jake’s books from here.)

Surely what works for one joint could potentially work for another.

My experiment was this: 4×30 seconds of isomeric bicep curls and tricep extensions. I have the weight set to the bottom of the stack, so the cable isn’t moving. I am applying maximal force into the curl bar handle the entire time

I began using this strategy in 2020 after I experienced a hyperextension injury on my right elbow, and I’ve not had a single bout of bicep or tricep tendinitis since. My elbow has been pain free. I do these twice a week.

If you’re tendinitis is particularly bad, you’d need to start with graded tension. Replace with your typical bicep and tricep exercises with this superset 2-3 times a week, and see if the pain alleviates. Add in dynamic exercises as you see fit. Rehab is always N=1


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