Exercise Index – Seated Good Mornings for Spinal Erector Strength and Groin Flexibility

Good mornings are a controversial exercise with a funny name. They’ve been around for decades, as far back as the early 1900s. Supposedly the name comes from the exercise resembling the good morning bow done in schools in some East Asian cultures, although this is entirely apocryphal.

The exercise at one time was called barbell forward bends, which is much more descriptive, but weirdly never caught on.

Regardless, it is a very good exercise for strengthening the spinal directors.

The seated version also has the advantage of being a flexibility exercise for the groin muscles.

You do not need to do this weight, start with only Bodyweight, and progress from there

The strength standard is using half your Bodyweight for 10 reps. You could go heavier potentially, but that level of strength is sufficient for practically any level of the sport.

You can do 5×5, but I prefer 2-3 sets in the 5-10 rep range.

The reps are NOT done to failure. Always leave reps in the tank when doing this exercise.

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