Exercise Index – Shoulder Rehab Protocol (by Dr. John Hirsch)

This protocol was developed by Dr. Hirsch, an orthopedic surgeon and shoulder specialist.

This is a general protocol that develops the primary muscles of the shoulder, anterior, medial, and posterior delts while also restoring overhead range of motion and multidirectional mobility.

It also strengthens the trapezius and can improve posture.

It can be done by people who have non-catastrophic rotator cuff tears), or nonspecific shoulder pain, or limited mobility, or some combination thereof.

This protocol is done 2-3 times, a week, each exercise is done for 1-3 sets, for 20-40 reps.

Start as light as you need to. Depending on your issues, you may be lifting only the weight of your arms through a partial ROM.

Once you can perform all 3 exercises with 8lbs for 30 reps a set, your shoulders should be fully rehabilitated and you can progress towards heavy loading and more regular training.

This protocol is not intended to diagnose anyone’s particular shoulder issues, and I cannot assess through comments if it will fix your particular problem. Try it and see how it works for you.


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