Exercise Index – Trap 3 Raise (aka Y Raise) For Lower Trapezius and Posture Health

I’ve seen this exercise called various names over the years, a Y Raise, an I raise, a Trap 3 raise, a reverse overhead fly.

They all refer to the same movement, you are performing an overhead raise with DBs on an incline bench, and the lower trapezius gets directly trained.

The lower traps are not a small division of muscle. We tend to think of traps as only being the upper portion, but in reality it’s the middle and lower trapezius that are critical for shoulder function, and also have major hypertrophy potential.

The lower trap is unique in that it’s only directed targeted by this overhead motion. It does work during rowing movements of course, but this overhead stabilization and upward rotation function can only be worked by doing this specific motion.

Because of the length of the lever arm, this isn’t a heavy exercise. Here I am using 10lb DBs. I suggest working reps in the 10-20 range, for 2-3 sets.


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